October 30, 2005

Almost Halloween

Posted in Ramblings o' P at 7:13 am by Erin

Tomorrow is Halloween, and P is going to be a pumpkin.  Actually, he was a pumpkin on Friday also since that was dress-up day at daycare.  Why they couldn’t have it on Halloween, I don’t know.  He looks really cute as a pumpkin, though.  Yesterday he got his first haircut and he no longer has a mullet.  The babies in my family are so bald that the fact that I have a child who not only has hair, but needed a haircut before he was 2 is amazing.  I basically had no hair until I was 2.  J’s family is far more hair-prolific, though, and since P is J’s clone, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

Oh lord, the Halloween candy has been calling my name.  It’s truly evil that they sell this stuff at Sam’s Club.  We only ever get maybe 20 kids.  So I bought an enormous bag of candy.  Maybe we’ll have more kids this time!  You have to be prepared…  (Is anyone buying this?)


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