November 12, 2005

J’s so accomodating ;-)

Posted in The musings of Erin at 6:42 am by Erin

I’ve now had 6 "high fertility" readings on my monitor in a row, no peak yet.  Damn PCOS.  Damn high estrogen levels that lead nowhere.  Damn being on day 24 without ovulating even while taking my Metformin religiously. 

But, bless J’s heart, he’s so helpful.  Every day I hear "You could ovulate at any time, so we’d better make love".  Without let up.  Even if we’ve already been together in the morning, I get it again at night–"What if you ovulate overnight?  We’d better be ready."

I’m reminded of my charts when we were TTC P.  We were a few years younger and a lot less burdened by responsibility and stress.  My chart routinely had 4, 5, 6 or more days in a row where I would have a little X in the box for intercourse–and mostly it was just for fun!  Now, I’m wiped out because we’ve got 5 in 7 days!

Getting old is lowering.  Who knew?  I had a sex drive back again within a week of having P, though we still waited a bit.  But I breastfed for 18 months, which decreases your sex drive, and I’m finishing my dissertation, and J works an insane amount of time…our sex life never got back to that level.

OK, now that I’ve shared way too much, I’m off to work on my dissertation some more.  A couple of hundred pages of science writing…whee.  Happily, though, my first first-author paper was accepted yesterday and will be published in the journal "Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology" in a few months.  Hooray!


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