December 7, 2005

Kids are so amusing!

Posted in Ramblings o' P at 9:24 am by Erin

Why doesn’t anyone ever tell you how much fun toddlers can be?  Everyone talks about the adorable newborn stage (albeit with sleep deprivation) and how great they are when they get to school-age, but all I ever hear is "Oh, you’re into the TERRIBLE TWO’S!"  And then they tell me that three is even worse.  To be honest, before I had P, I never liked the toddler stage either.  They seemed so needy and threw tantrums constantly, and I could never understand what they were saying.  I always figured that you just kind of did your best and got through it until they could really communicate and do things by themselves.

Well, maybe it’s just since he’s my kid, but P is fantastic.  And I know that I understand him better than most people do, though he’s gotten much better lately.  He hasn’t thrown a tantrum or needed time-out since before his birthday (at least 6 days now–that’s like a year in toddler days!) because he’s been so well-behaved.  He pushes limits, of course, but knows when he’s reached them before we get to the point of time-out, which means there are no tears, shrieks, or screams. 

And he makes us laugh so much!  His favorite word now is "funny".  Yesterday, I was kissing him on the neck and ribs to make him laugh and he said "Kiss funny!  More please!", giggling the whole while.  And I laughed after he sang a song yesterday, so he said "Funny!" and every time he sings now, he practically falls over laughing at himself, which makes J and I laugh even more at him.

I just love the fact that he can talk and communicate, that he really wants us involved in everything we do, that he’s such a polite and thoughtful and sweet child.  His teachers taught him that "Da me besito" means "give me a kiss", so now he’ll give kisses when asked in English or Spanish!  And J told me that the other day, P was watching "Thomas the Tank Engine" and came in to the living room while it was on.  He said "Daddy, come please!" and pulled J’s hand until he came into the family room.  Then P patted the chair and said "Daddy sit"–he just wanted to cuddle with J and share his video with him!

It’s so adorable when we play with his easel (a birthday present for P from my parents), which has a chalkboard side.  It would be overly complimentary to say that my drawing skills are on par with a 5-year-old, though they are better than P’s (for now).  But the appreciation that P gives me when I draw a fish or star or circle makes me feel like Monet!  And when I drew a triangle for him yesterday, you’d have thought I hung the moon AND stars!

I’ve been so depressed the last few days, but P’s been so happy that I just can’t stay down for long around him.  You just can’t put into words the pleasure of having a toddler.  Yes, they test your patience at times, but it’s so amazing and wonderful to see them becoming their own little people who are learning their limits the only way they know how.  I could never call this age the Terrible Two’s.  It’s too Terrific!


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