December 25, 2005

Holiday tidings!

Posted in The musings of Erin at 3:09 pm by Erin

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukkah to everyone!  We’ve been having a lovely time at my IL’s house, despite my MIL mentioning that when babies get to around age 2, you tend to get baby hungry again.  I think I threw her off when I said "Yeah, but this age is so much fun!  The baby stage was nice but this is so much better."  She was a little startled and said something to the effect of how they’d enjoyed all the stages of their boys.  So that worked.

Good thing too, as I started spotting right on schedule yesterday, 9dpo.

On a bright note, my progesterone test on Thursday was 13.  High enough to indicate O but I’m guessing my RE will want to up the Clomid dose next time.  So that definitely means we’ll take next cycle off–I can’t handle Clomid and defending my dissertation.  The way it hits me, I’ll probably start crying in the middle of it and saying "Would you look at that data?  It’s so beautiful!" 

Anyway, Christmas has been lovely and P has still got presents to open.  We’ve had to take breaks throughout the day since he’s getting overwhelmed and also so interested in certain presents that he just doesn’t care about the others anymore.  I think he’s still got 5 or 6 to open.  It’s ridiculous.  Particularly since the boy is Jewish.  And Chanukkah starts this evening also.  You wouldn’t believe the pile o’ gifts we still have for him at home, not to mention the ones my IL’s got for him for Chanukkah, as well as all Jewish relatives on my side of the family.  Most will go into the basement and be rotated in throughout the year while others are demoted to basement status when P loses interest.

I’ll save J’s gift to me for another blog, as dinner is about ready (I love to cook, but I also love not having to cook!).  I hope you’ll get as much of a kick out of it as everyone has that I’ve already told IRL!


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