January 24, 2006

Thank goodness

Posted in TTC woes at 5:04 pm by Erin

That I’ve started spotting finally.  You know, I was really getting worried that I might actually get pregnant sometime.  I mean, what would be the fun of getting pregnant now, when instead I could have to take off yet another cycle and then get all those fun and exciting tests?  I haven’t had a good wanding in almost 3 years now.  And how would my RE pay for his nice car and offices if I managed to get pregnant without extra help?  I don’t think I could handle that concern. 

Guess I’d better just go have a beverage of the adult variety and fall into oblivion.



  1. Carol said,

    (((Oh Erin))) I’m so sorry. I wish I had words to make this easiler but I know there aren’t any. I was hoping right along with you and now I ache for you as well. (((((Big Big HUGS)))))

  2. Lisa said,

    Oh, Erin, I am so sorry. You had me excited for you, too! Enjoy that beverage of the adult variety(!!), and eat something incredibly bad for you- that always seems to help me!

  3. Dawn said,

    Da**it, Erin!! I was feeling so positive for you and hoping that you would have some wonderful news to share. I’m so sorry. {{HUGS}} and try to do something extra for yourself.

  4. Paula said,

    Wandered over from Julie’s. Thinking of you.

  5. DD said,

    I’ve had moments like that: being worried that I may actually be pregnant because that means a 24-hour/7-daysaweek tp watch. It’s a catch-22, the wanting and not-wanting to be pregnant…*sigh*

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