January 31, 2006

They ate the babies!

Posted in The musings of Erin at 12:54 pm by Erin

I realized yesterday morning that, while still far outnumbered, I am no longer the lone female in the house.  Pre-fish tank, the household consisted of me, J, P, and our two male dogs.  Now we have female fish!  At least 4 of them, and I think there are actually 5.  They taught me how to tell in the pet store–the anal fin (yes, that really is what it is called) on males is pointy while on females it is triangular.  Betcha didn’t know you were going to get an aquatic life anatomy lesson today on PCOS Baby, did you?

Maybe I’m grasping at straws here.  But I AM NOT ALONE ANYMORE!!

I’ve been pretty sure for nearly a week that our female Sunburst Platy was pregnant.  She was seriously fat.  This morning I came downstairs to feed the fish and by golly, there was this itty bitty baby Platy in there!  It was basically eye and tail.  I saw it for long enough to get a good look but it was amazingly tiny and I lost sight of it, and never saw it again.

Now, I’m no marine biologist but I do know one thing.  Fish don’t have just a single baby.  And those babies do not just mysteriously disappear after being born.  Which leads me to only one conclusion:

They were eaten.  Urgh.

This conclusion was borne out by the PetSm*rt fish lady, whom I see frequently since our frogs keep dying for no known reason (we had 4, 3 died, got 2 more, and have had 2 more die–we’re down to one who seems perfectly healthy).  I told her that I saw a baby fish today and that I think they were eaten, and she told me that when her kids were younger, they used to have a fishtank also.  The kids used to watch the fish being born and then watch the other fish eat them right up.  One of the kids wanted to know if the parents ate them because the baby fish were bad.

I am a sick and twisted person, and would not have been able to keep my mouth shut if faced with an opening like that.  I will probably have P scarred for life before he starts school.  Lord, please let him never ask me something like that.

Anyway, so now I’ve got a breeder container that I will put her in when she gets knocked up again.  It shouldn’t take long.

So something in this house can get pregnant.

But at least I don’t have to eat my young.


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