February 6, 2006

Day 30 O, you say? That would be FINE

Posted in TTC woes at 10:25 am by Erin

Seriously.  My defense is set for February 27th.  If I were to O on d17, as I did both two cycles ago (when I was on Clomid) and last cycle (when I wasn’t), and my luteal phase is its normal 13 days, February 27th would be d3 of my next cycle.  The day I would need to have both bloodwork and a u/s done.  And start Clomid.

Try explaining that to my parents, who’ve never dealt with IF personally (and who are coming into town for my defense): "Thanks for coming all this way, I’m glad I’ve finished my Ph.D. also.  We can have lunch in a little while.  First, I’ve got to go empty my veins and expose my nether regions to the Magic Wand.  And take my crazy-making pill.  Do you want to wait in the car or should we drop you off back at our house first?"

If, however, my body is very nice to me this cycle, I will O around d30, which is a normal O’ing time for me.  That would put me about 3 days post-O for my defense–early enough that I won’t have any imaginary pregnancy symptoms that will drive my brain crazy, late enough that I won’t start flipping out that O will never happen, and probably enough before my defense that I’m not saying to J "I can’t do anything!  I HAVE TO STUDY!!!"  And also not far enough post-O to get PMS.

But when has my body ever listened to anything I wanted?


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