February 21, 2006

I have a grandfish!

Posted in Happiness is a true gift at 7:55 am by Erin

Remember this post?  I mentioned that I’d seen one baby Platy and never saw it again.  Last night I was looking at our fish and, lo and behold, there was a baby Platy!  Considerably bigger than the one I saw last time.  Our female is pregnant again (these things apparently breed at remarkable rates), but hasn’t dropped the fry yet.  And I think the baby is actually the one that survived from last time!  I’ve been reading some fish forums and found that the fry will hide in nooks and crannies if they survive.  This one was hiding in one of the plants, going between there and the huge rock-like thing in the tank.  But I found it when it was swimming at the front of the tank, so it was clearly starting to venture forth.

Of course, I immediately cried "Baby fish, baby fish!" and brought my men-folk running.  P kept saying "Baby fip!  Baby fip!", and thought it was fantastic.  J wanted to leave it alone since it had survived on its own up until that point, but it’s still awfully tiny and I worry that our Dalmatian fish will eat it (he’s pretty big).  So I caught it and put it into the breeder container, and there it is.  Swimming around, looking healthy and happy (though a little disconcerted to be out in the "open" after weeks of hiding).  It’s a baby girl Platy. 

As pathetic as it is, it has really perked me up from my post of the other day.  Between the depression of the baby shower and the overwhelming stress of my defense (in which I will be 6 days from right now) and feeling like there’s no way I can answer the questions they’ll ask me (McDonald’s is hiring, right?), I was sinking pretty low.  But the baby fish just made my evening last night.

A baby fip has revolutionized our house.  Who knew?


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