March 2, 2006

Post 100!

Posted in The musings of Erin at 9:11 am by Erin

I can’t believe I’ve posted 100 posts.  It’s been so good for me to have a place to write, to get things out of my head.  I spend less time agonizing over things when I have an outlet for them, so this has really helped my stress levels.  And if other people can relate and it helps them in any way, then I’m doubly happy to have started this blog.

In honor of my 100th blog entry, I’m posting 100 things about myself (some of them are updates on the upcoming cycle):

1.  I’m about to start my next cycle, which stinks

2.  For some reason, I’d convinced myself that since we were on our 16th month of TTC and that’s how long it took to get P, this one would be the lucky one

3.  Happily, my RE’s office said they can do my HSG any time up to d12, so I don’t have to go on BCP even for a little while, as I’ll be back in town by then

4.  Unfortunately, I’ll probably now have myself convinced that since P was conceived in March, then this will be our lucky month

5.  This month’s plan is: J’s semen analysis, d3 blood work and baseline u/s, Clomid (not sure of the days or dose yet), HSG around d11 or 12, u/s around O, post-coital test, post-O progesterone test

6.  I must be sick, because I’m really happy to be finally doing something even though it includes blood-letting and wands in my naughty bits

7.  That’s enough updates.  Time to learn more about me!

8.  I’m only 5’2"

9.  I still tower over my mother and a good portion of her side of the family

10.  My dad’s 6’1"–can you imagine how funny my parents look together?

11.  J is 5’11", but I don’t think we look anywhere near as funny together as my parents do

12.  My hair is starting to gray

13.  My sister’s hair has been graying for 5 years now (she dyes it extensively)

14.  My sister is 2 1/2 years younger than I am

15.  She lived with us for 3 months when we first moved to Atlanta, right after she graduated from college

16.  We were TTC P at the time, and she never had any clue

17.  J and I were very relieved when she moved back to NY

18.  We all get along much better with her not living in our house

19.  J gets along with my sister and brother (particularly my brother, who’s almost 6 years younger than I) MUCH better than he gets along with his own brother and half-brother

20.  He loves the sibling relationship he has with my siblings, and really wishes he had it with his own

21.  I love that he loves my family as much as I do

22.  I get along very well with my whole family, though it helps tremendously that I live 1000 miles away

23.  My mom and I fought constantly, to the point of needing family counseling, when I was a teen

24.  It was a really ugly situation, and I’ve often thanked my mom for not kicking me out of the house back then (and wondered why she didn’t)

25.  We started getting along when my parents told me I could go up to 500 miles away for college, and I chose to go 480 of them

26.  I’m so thankful that I went those 480 miles, because I met J my second day there

27.  Unfortunately for him, I had a boyfriend that I’d been dating for almost 2 1/2 years

28.  He was in college (a year ahead of J and I) 3 hours north of my parents, which put him 11 hours north of my college

29.  He had expected that I would go to his college because he was there, and was unpleasantly surprised when I informed him that not only did I have no intention of going to his school, I didn’t even apply there

30.  U of Richmond (my college) was the only college I applied to, as I was accepted early-decision and never had to apply to my other schools (which included Princeton, my long-shot school but I think I would have had a good chance of getting in)

31.  When I called my then-boyfriend excited out of my mind because I’d gotten into Richmond, his response was "Oh.  I thought you were coming here."  Never once did he say congratulations

32.  Clearly, he was delusional and I’m glad that I met J so I could see what a real man was like

33.  J and I got together a few days before Thanksgiving of our freshman year

34.  He had been inviting me out with him for over a month, and I thought he just meant as friends (since we were good friends).  Finally I clued in to the fact that he was interested in me

35.  I broke up with my ex-boyfriend over Thanksgiving break

36.  He cried that he’d just started thinking about a future with me (I was 17 at the time–yipes)

37.  I reminded him that he had to have seen this coming, since over fall break I’d wanted to have a serious discussion about our relationship (mostly how unhappy I was) and he fell asleep in the middle of it

38.  I mean, how could he not see it coming???

39.  My mom found out I was dating J because I came home with hickies on my neck, and she knew that my then-boyfriend wasn’t in Richmond

40.  She said "I’m noticing some new additions to your neck, do you want to talk about it?"

41.  She was happy to hear that it was J, who she’d met over Parent’s Weekend and was very polite and friendly to she and my dad

42.  After we were out of J’s earshot at that Parent’s Weekend, she turned to me and said "He’s cute!"

43.  As it turned out, no one liked my ex-boyfriend.  Wish someone had clued me in sooner, but it all worked out for the best

44.  Even my mom was happier, despite the fact that ex-BF was Jewish and J is LDS (keeping in mind that my Jewish mom has been married to my Catholic father for 33+ years now)

45.  J and I had a rocky relationship for the first year and a half

46.  I burned my journals from that time, since I realized that every time I read them, I just got depressed remembering how much trouble we had together

47.  I’ve never regretted burning those journals (I also burned the ones from my relationship with my ex-BF, since it felt disloyal to keep them around after J and I got engaged)

48.  We went to counseling in our junior year to learn to communicate better

49.  It saved our relationship

50.  We got engaged on my 20th birthday, halfway through our juniro year

51.  The only people I got to tell personally were my parents and my friends at Richmond.  My mom told ALL the rest of my relatives

52.  Our wedding was 6 weeks after we graduated from college

53.  It was a beautiful and fun wedding, and we loved the whole thing

54.  We were married by a rabbi, but it was an interfaith ceremony

55.  He started performing interfaith ceremonies after he’d been diagnosed with cancer and, while receiving treatment, was asked to pray for a young woman that he’d met.  When he pointed out that she wasn’t Jewish, she told him that she felt that G-d was hearing all of their prayers.  He felt humbled by her trust in G-d’s love for everyone, regardless of religion, and that was what led him to start performing these ceremonies

56.  I cried when he told us that story at our first meeting

57.  It summed up what I felt, that G-d loves us all and wants us to be good and loving people, regardless of religious affiliation

58.  I used to work with a guy who believed that anyone who isn’t Baptist is going to hell, and would talk about it often

59.  Since he was the only Baptist out of the 8 of us in the lab, he didn’t have friends at work

60.  I’ve never understood pushing religion on someone

61.  I’ve had friends who were of as many religions as I can think of, and none of them (even my Jehovah’s Witness friend) have ever pushed religion on me

62.  Which is why they are friends–I’m all for having discussions about theological differences, but only if they are in a "these are different viewpoints, and yours isn’t better or worse than mine" way

63.  I find other religions fascinating, particularly those I don’t know much about

64.  I wish I knew more about Judaism, and have been trying to learn more as I get older

65.  P is being raised Jewish, which was something that J and I agreed upon before we were married

66.  I refused to get married before we’d worked out the issue of religion, and I also felt very strongly that I needed to raise my children Jewish

67.  J agreed and understood my reasons, which I will be happy to tell anyone who’s interested, but it makes things a little harder for him since his church is so family-oriented

68.  Even the missionaries and home teachers in J’s church have never tried to convert me, and I think they’re really great people

69.  We ran into Mormon missionaries while in Amiens, France (on our way to Calais to catch the ferry back to England) on our honeymoon.  It turned out that one of the girls was the sister of J’s church’s pastor.  Weird coincidence!

70.  Our honeymoon consisted of 3 weeks in Europe: London, Paris, Interlachen (Switzerland), Florence, and Dublin

71.  We had planned to go to Rome after Florence (we took Italian for 2 years in college–I eventually ended up teaching language drills to the first year students, while J passed because our professor really liked me 😉 ), but it was too hot (it was July by then)

72.  So we went to Dublin instead, which was my choice since I’m Irish.  It was either there or Edinburgh

73.  It was an amazing honeymoon and I don’t regret it for a minute (despite the fact that we were incredibly poor and some of the places we stayed were…well, not a place you would stay by choice.  Including the night we spent in a park in London.  But that’s a separate story.)

74.  Don’t ever go to Florence in July, particularly if you are allergic to mosquito bites (I had almost 70 of them at one point, and they swell horribly on me–I looked like I had mumps)

75.  Go to Florence at some other time of the year.  It was the most amazing city of our trip

76.  We drove down to SC from NY to find an apartment a week after we came back from our honeymoon

77.  We were there for 2 days, drove to Richmond, got our things out of storage in a U-Haul, drove back to NY, returned the U-Haul, got another U-Haul, packed everything into it (my stuff from my parents house and our stored things), drove to OH to J’s parents house, unpacked everything from the U-Haul, and stayed for a week.  Then we packed everything into another U-Haul, along with all of J’s stuff this time, and drove to SC to start our new life (where we unpacked the U-Haul and moved it all into our 2nd floor apartment)

78.  J started law school 5 days later

79.  I found a job 2 weeks later when, on J’s suggestion, I started calling labs in the phone book.  Most told me to send them my resume and they’d keep it on file.  One almost dropped the phone–they’d had a girl give them 2 days notice not an hour before and they needed someone who could start the next day

80.  It was a boring job (inorganic chemistry in an environmental lab), but the people there were fabulous and I missed them when I quit 6 months later to go to a more interesting pharmaceutical lab

81.  I started grad school the year after J did

82.  We ate a lot of Ramen and macaroni and cheese the first few years we were married.  A lot.

83.  I switched labs a year after starting grad school when my project was given away to lure a brand-new grad student to the lab

84.  My new advisor had warned me that he was probably going to be moving to Atlanta, but that students would be welcome to make the move as well.  So I joined the lab knowing that we’d be moving to Atlanta 6 months later

85.  J was lucky enough to be able to do his last semester of law school at Georgia State, so we could move together on New Year’s Eve of 2001.  We actually got to our new place less than an hour before 2002 began

85.  We started TTC as soon as we moved here, since J would be done with the bar exam by the time the baby was born

86.  We finally got pregnant the next spring.  He’d been employed as a barred attorney for well over a year by the time P was born

88.  J and I are both big nerds ("lightly nerdy" score notwithstanding)

89.  We play computer games a lot

90.  We make stupid jokes that are amusing to us and 12 year old boys

91.  I sometimes wonder if our friends know what we’re like behind closed doors, and then hope that they don’t

92.  One of my favorite movies is Clerks.  No one who knows me would suspect that I would even enjoy that movie let alone love it, except J

93.  And now everyone who reads my blog

94.  I read all the time–having P has slowed me down some, but I can still usually manage to finish a book or two a week.  (More now that I’m unemployed)

95.  I love love love the Harry Potter books.  Love them.  Have read each one at least 5 times.  Finished "HP & the Half-Blood Prince" in less than 4 hours.  (Was told by my sister that the fact that J didn’t bring me the book immediately upon its delivery (I was proctoring an MCAT test for Princet*n Review and didn’t get home until 5 p.m.) could be grounds for divorce)

96.  I was mad at my sister for not finishing the book until the next day, because I NEEDED someone to talk to about it

97.  I also love to sing, and sing with my university chorus–fortunately, it is open to community members and I can continue singing even though I’m done with school

98.  My musical tastes are as varied as my movie and book tastes–top 40, country, classic rock, classical music, ethnic music, soundtracks, etc.  The only thing I don’t like is rap.  Unless it’s Will Smith.

99.  Will Smith is definitely on my freebie list, and J knows it 😉

100.  I’m glad I’m finally at 100!



  1. Dawn said,

    Very cool, Erin – I’ll have to remember to do this for my 100th post! 🙂 It’s great to learn more about you and CONGRATULATIONS again on being DONE!!! (Maybe I’m a nerd – I now have two friends doing/done PhDs in Pharmacology!)

  2. Melissa said,

    My ex & I discussed religion in great depth before we got hitched as well (he was Baptist, I’m LDS). I enjoyed reading your list! 🙂

  3. Carol said,

    Congrats on your 100th post Erin! I’ve really been enjoying your blog even though I don’t always get a chance to post comments. ;o)
    Keep going and let us know how life after PhD feels! :o) ((((HUGS))))

  4. Heather said,

    Congrats on the 100 posts. And even more congrats on finding 100 things to put on that list!!

  5. Carly said,

    Congrats on 100 entries!! I loved the list! I knew lots of what you listed, but leaned many new things too!

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