March 17, 2006

I am afraid of ovulating

Posted in TTC woes at 8:40 pm by Erin

I’ve always had strong ovulation pains.  My ovaries twinge for a few days before I ovulate, then I can feel them as they pop out each and every egg.  Sharply.  Always have.  Even when I was in the midst of my first cycle off birth control pills back in January of 2002 (OK, it was March by the time I ovulated), I could tell just why I finally had that weird pain.  When we conceived P, we were in the car when I ovulated.  I sat there with my arm pressed against my abdomen, biting my lip and saying nothing.  J looked at me and said "Are you ovulating?"  Meanwhile, I’d told him that morning that I didn’t know when I would but it probably wouldn’t be for another few days or a week.  I mean, it’s that obvious that my HUSBAND figured it out.

So this is good, right?  Being very aware of what’s going on in my body is a good thing.

Except when I’m on Clomid.  Search, if you will, my archives, and you will find an entry from around mid-December about the pain of ovulation while I was on 25 mg of Clomid (I would normally do this myself but it is 11:30 at night and I’m tired, and would like to go to bed).  Something about laying there and whimpering.  Now I’m on 100 mg.  Since I’m on d14, I’m likely to ovulate in the next few days.  And I’ve had pretty substantial cramping in the ovarian region in the last couple of days.  More along the lines of pre-AF-strength cramping (but located only in the ovaries), not the usual mildly annoying twinges.

I can only imagine that I am about to pop out about 50 eggs of gargantuan proportions.  Forgive me, but it scares me just a little.  I mean, what am I to do with 50 kids?  OK, 51 including P.  Where will we put them all?  We only have a 3 bedroom house.  Sure, we’ve talked about finishing the basement, but we were thinking of an exercise room and a play area, not barracks.  We’ll have to ration things–"All kids whose names start with A through M can wear clothes on even days, N through Z on odd days."  School will have to be the same way.  Can’t let kids go to school without clothes.  And we’ll need more dishes, since we only have service for 8.  Don’t even get me started on how I’ll breastfeed them all!

Wow, I’d better start planning. 


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  1. So good to hear that the cramping around the ovaries is normal (or, at least, that other people experience it too). I’m feeling it for the first time now (day 13 of my first Clomid cycle) and find it alternately freaking and fascinating…

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