March 29, 2006

OK, so maybe I’m a little melodramatic…

Posted in TTC woes at 7:36 am by Erin

All of you are so nice to keep me in your thoughts–I really appreciate it!  I spoke at length yesterday with a friend who has been through all of this, and she helped me calm down a lot about what to expect at today’s appt.

I had my blood drawn, then saw Dr Wonderful.  I told him about my concerns about the painful ovulation on Clomid, which didn’t seem right to him, so he said that next cycle we can look at lowering the dose or switching to letrozole (not sure about that, but will wait on that issue).  Then he drew what he would expect to see from an HSG and took out the films of mine.  He showed me that it’s clear that my tubes are open, which was our main concern with the test.  Then he showed me how apparently the catheter was in way too far and it’s really hard to tell whether the "fibroid" is really there or if it’s just an artifact of the test being done poorly.  (He said his fellowship mentor would have made me go back and get another one, because of the poor mechanics of this one, but since it did show that my tubes are open, he doesn’t see any need to do that.)

He said that there definitely was no fibroid visible on my u/s so even if there is one, it’s likely very small.  So he gave me two options: a sonohysterogram or a hysteroscopy.  In the sono, they’ll inject saline into the uterus and do an ultrasound.  In the hysteroscopy, they put a camera through the cervix and look around.  I asked whether either one would show any uterine scarring (from placental retention), and he said they both would, but the hysteroscopy might also allow them to remove some of it.  He recommended doing the sonohysterogram first, because it’s a 5-minute test and can be done in the office, while the hysteroscopy needs to be done in the hospital and is more invasive and involved.  He said we could take the pessimistic viewpoint and do a hysteroscopy so that they could remove some scar tissue, but he’d hate for me to go through all of that and find out that I don’t have any, and the sonohysterogram would have been perfectly acceptable.

I agreed with him, since he said that we can do the sonohysterogram at the beginning of my next cycle and if there is scar tissue, we can always schedule a hysteroscopy for a few days later.  It sounded like a good way of doing things.  A quick and easy test, done in the office, and he said that we can probably get my insurance to pay for it since it’s a diagnostic test for fibroids.  (Oh whee, now I get to call my insurance company and get this worked out before my next cycle.)

Dr Wonderful was kind of funny, because he said that it looks like my uterus is smaller than usual, which might be a concern about the ability of a woman to carry a pregnancy to full-term.  But since I was clearly able to do that (at least until 37 1/2 weeks, when P decided he was tired of the view), it wasn’t necessarily true–and so what do doctor’s know?!

He was being almost annoyingly optimistic today.  Now, we all know I tend to be pessimistic about my reproductive health.  And clearly, I’m seeing my RE so that I can get pregnant and have another baby.  But in the course of the consultation, he mentioned that "if my next cycle even begins", that I "could already be pregnant", and that we wouldn’t have to do any of these tests because "in about a week, [I]’ll get a positive pregnancy test and have another baby".  And other variations, to a total of 5 times in one 15-minute visit.  I appreciate the optimism but damn it, it’s NOT HELPING ME KEEP MY HOPES DOWN!!!


Update: My progesterone was 17, which is much higher than last time–so I definitely ovulated and it’s at a high enough level that Dr Wonderful is happy with it.  This time, Nurse L said that I can just come in for a blood test in a week or do a home pregnancy test and call them with the results, then do 3 quantitative betas.  Not helping the non-optimistic part of me stay calm.



  1. DD said,

    Wow. Wouldn’t that be something?! Is it OK if I keep my hopes up for you?

  2. Lisa said,

    Hi Erin! Glad things went well today- at least better than you had expected. I have had a sonohysterogram, and it really is not a big deal. Much, much easier than an HSG by far.
    We tried letrozole after Clomid didn’t work. Not as many side effects, but unfortunately, it didn’t work for me.
    Wouldn’t it be great if you really didn’t have to worry about any of this stuff, though. You will know soon enough.

  3. Dawn said,

    I’m keeping my hopes up for you as well – I can’t help it! I’m glad the results weren’t as dire as you had feared.

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