May 15, 2006

Recent Google searches

Posted in Pure weirdness at 12:01 pm by Erin

I swear I’ll be back later with a new post, but I had my graduation ceremony this morning and have been quite busy.  In the meantime, people who’ve found my blog via Google searches recently:

1.  "I hate Clomid"–Oh, my friend, I feel your pain.  I’m on my 3rd cycle at 100mg, and it’s kicking my butt.  I’m sleeping nude (oh, the new searches I will get) because otherwise I roast.  I have gained 4 pounds in the last 10 days.  My ovaries are tender.  And it’s only day 10.  I shudder to think how they’ll feel by day 14.

2.  "24 aholic"–did someone else seriously search for this?  I’M NOT ALONE!!!  J has to work late tonight and I told him to call me around 10 to let me know when he’ll be home (when he works late, he works late: midnight or after).  And then I said "But don’t call me before 10, because I’ll be watching 24."  He understood.

3.  "Having a baby with PCOS"–I seriously hope your baby doesn’t have PCOS.  I sometimes hope that if I do get pregnant again that it’s a boy, just so he doesn’t have to worry about PCOS or endo.  Oh, you meant wanting to have a baby when you suffer from PCOS.  Yes, it can happen.  It’s not easy and will probably require a good RE as well as money, time, and effort on your part.  But if you want a baby, it’s worth it.  Heartbreaking at times, but worth it.

4.  All searches having to do with baby fish–sorry about that.  I can’t imagine that this is really the blog you were looking for.  For what it’s worth, our one surviving baby platy is actually a boy, not a girl, and he’s as big as the others now.

I promise to write a good, long, real post in a few hours, so check back later!  I feel so far behind on catching up with other people’s blogs from when I was gone that I haven’t caught up on my own!


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  1. DD said,

    Aren’t stats fun? Most of the time I just smile; othertimes I am wholly creeped out.

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