May 29, 2006

Fun things to do while unemployed!

Posted in Pure weirdness at 8:59 pm by Erin

Or at least unique things.

J represents a chiropractic/medical office that decided to close because of some serious animosity between the owners.  They basically abandoned the office and stopped paying their bills because they couldn’t agree on anything.  Since they’re in serious debt, all the assets need to be sold off before they’re evicted, which could be as soon as Thursday.  Everything needed to be inventoried, photographed, and listed on E*bay.  All the medical equipment (they did have an appraiser come in for the big stuff, but there were a million little things), electronic equipment, other medical supplies, all the office furniture, and all the odds and ends–which were plentiful.  No one had time to do this…

Except me.

P and I met J at the office at about 1:30 on Friday.  I think J felt guilty about the sheer magnitude of the project he’d asked me to do, and he helped all afternoon.  We were there until nearly 8 just sorting and counting and photographing.  Then we went to dinner and got home about 9:30.  At 10:30, I turned on my computer and started selling on E*bay since this stuff has to be gone by Thursday.  At 2:00 a.m., I went to bed, having listed 70 items.  I was astounded at just how long it actually took, even with their high-volume selling software (which probably saved me at least 2 hours).

Over the weekend, we got bids on about 35 of those items, totalling about $120.  Since my "pay" for this task is 20% of the final amount, I was not so pleased.  By this morning, it was up closer to $150.  Whee, I’m rolling in it now.

Today, P and I went back by ourselves to continue doing some work.  I sorted and listed and photographed another 21 items.  P watched some TV, but his big entertainment was rolling the 95cm exercise ball around, especially up and down the ramp to the lower half of the office. 

Just for reference, P is about 92 cm tall.

It’s amazing what amuses kids.  He did this for hours.

Anyway, we were there for just over 4 hours today.  So far, I’ve put in almost 15 hours on this.  The grand total as of 5 minutes ago?  $300.69, so I’ve made $60.  That works out to $4/hour.  With 2 days left on the auctions (Friday’s were 5 day, today’s were 3 day), I might make a little money.  But for now?

People, I’m not even making minimum wage.

And I’m still going to have to package and ship all the items that aren’t being offered for local pickup only (which, fortunately, is a good many of the very large items).

If J ever wonders if I love him, he needs only look back on this task and worry no more.

But if he ever asks me to do something like this again…


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  1. Courtney said,

    I would have loved to see P rolling that giant ball!
    The things one does for love…

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