May 29, 2006

Mama bragging ahead

Posted in Ramblings o' P at 6:00 am by Erin

Gosh, P’s a sweetie.  Having him reminds me of why we keep going with TTC.  Several stories to share with you:

We’ve been going to temple nearly every weekend and have started making some good friends.  Their "Tot Shabbat" program is fantastic, very well-organized and well-attended.  P asks to go all week long so when it’s finally Saturday and I say "We’re going to Temple!", he gets all excited and chants "Tempo, tempo" until we get there.  It’s quite child-friendly, and I know I’ve mentioned how many people have adopted internationally, so it’s a great support in that way as well as religious aspects.

This past weekend while we were there, we were eating lunch after the service was over (they have lunch after services to help people keep the Sabbath) and were sitting with two other families–one couple who has a 3-year old daughter and one mother who has a 3 1/2-year old daughter from Kazakhstan (and who’s just started the China adoption process).  P decided he was finished with lunch and walked over to the side of the room, where the 3 1/2-year old daughter, H, of another mom was laying across a couple of chairs.  He leaned down on the chair near H’s head and they just chatted away for a good 5 minutes.  It was adorable!

The mom whose daughter is from Kazakhstan said that P was one of the few little boys who really make her wish she had a little boy.  Normally she thinks that she wouldn’t know what to do with them, but he makes her think that it would all be worth figuring it out to have one.  I was so flattered, and so proud of P for being such a nice boy that he makes her think like that.

Later, I was chatting with the couple with the 3-year old daughter as we were leaving and P had run on in front of me.  At our temple, everyone’s very laid-back about where there kids go–an attitude of "they all show up eventually."  That’s one of the things I like about it.  Anyway, we turned to go into another hall and saw a couple standing there saying "Isn’t that the cutest thing?  That’s so sweet!"  We looked and saw P hugging H’s 18-month old sister.  Apparently, they’d been racing up and down the hallway, then turned and gave each other big hugs.  Everyone about melted right there…the "awww’s" could be heard for 4 miles around.

Last night, P was playing with his trains while J and I were on our computers.  All of a sudden he came over, sat on my foot, and sang "Old McDonald had a farm".  I always let him pick the animals, so we started singing together.  He chose a cow, a pig, and a goat.  Then he chose a cow again.  When I asked him if he was tricking me (tricking Mama and Daddy is his favorite thing to do), he gave me this big impish grin.  I burst out laughing and told J to take a look at him.  P looked at J and gave him the same grin.

P is a heart-warmingly sweet kid.  I feel so blessed to have him in my life–he makes even the darkest day brighter, and the bright days are just filled with joy and laughter.


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  1. Kate said,

    Its times like that that make SIF so hard. We love our kids so much, and know what joys they bring…so it stings when we can’t do it all again. Not so much during a tantrum or stomach virus, but still. ;o)

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