June 1, 2006

A totally off-topic vent

Posted in The musings of Erin at 1:02 pm by Erin

(Forgive my grammar usage and, ah, adult language in this post–I’m too angry right now to care about it.) 

You know what one of my biggest pet peeves is?  When people don’t take responsibility for their own actions.  If there is something that matters to you and you completely abdicate your responsibility to manage it, then you have to accept that things might happen that don’t make you happy.  And that you can’t later go back and blame someone else for your own lack of responsibility.

Today I walked into the chiropractor’s office to start packing up and shipping some of the items that had been bought on Ebay.  One of the chiropractors was there doing some packing of her own.  As soon as I walked in, both she and the secretary said that they needed a list of what had been listed, what had been purchased, and for how much.  I produced it for them and then went back to start packing.  Imagine my utter horror to have found that many of the things that were sold and payment already received from the buyer had been removed from the office.  As I went back to the front to ask where these items were, I was immediately asked why I’d listed some of the things for the starting prices listed.  I explained that I was told that we needed to liquidate everything in the office and that the medical supplies weren’t being bid on by the chiropractors, so we could sell them for whatever we could get.

She got irate.  She started speaking as loudly as she could without yelling, saying that the prices were ridiculous, that they were still her property, and that she wasn’t going to let them go for the prices that had been bid.  I immediately started packing up my laptop and other supplies and said "You know what?  I’m going to leave here and let you deal with J on this one, as there was apparently some serious miscommunication as to what needed to be sold."

She wasn’t content with that, kept going off on how this was ridiculous and we should have called her to find out what she wanted to make the starting bid.  For every item.  There were almost a full 100 of them at one point.  And J had been explicitly told that if it was a medical supply, it could be listed.  If she wanted them sold for a specific price, she should have gone in there herself, gone through all the crap, and made a list of what should be sold for how much money.  I would still have taken pictures and gone through all the hassle of listing things, and then we wouldn’t be having that problem.  But SHE DIDN’T BOTHER TO DO THAT.  She left it all up to J, who basically left it up to me.  She has known for months that the office was closing, that these supplies would need to be sold off.  We had one week to get everything inventoried, photographed, listed, and sold.  Who really needs to take the responsibility for this–the person who owns the office and has had months to do it, or the people who’ve been told that the chiropractors are likely to be evicted in a week and everything needs to be gone by then and to do whatever they can to get rid of it?

Now, I understand that it is her office, and that she is upset that things were sold for such low prices.  But these were on a FIVE DAY LISTING.  They ended YESTERDAY.  If she couldn’t manage to check on the listings until today, she really has no right to get upset about the prices at which things were offered.  I tried to stay calm and explain that I was merely asked to list things, that I was told that they could go for whatever price we could get for them, and that I didn’t appreciate being yelled at for something that was really not my fault.

She got louder and said "Have I yelled at you?"  I said that it was certainly confrontational, that I was not going to take that kind of abuse from her, and that I would not deal with her any longer.  I was especially upset that she felt it was an appropriate way to have a discussion in front of P–and she has a 2-year-old herself, so she should know very well what is appropriate and what is not.  She kept going off as I was walking out the door with P, which was ridiculous.  I can see why the other chiropractor couldn’t deal with her anymore.

I am proud of myself for remaining calm and for not yelling back (which was my first inclination, as I have a hot and quick temper and can yell with the best of them, but I recognize that I have a responsibility to teach children that screaming is not the way to resolve issues).  I am, however, ashamed of the fact that, as I was walking out and listening to her spew this crap at me, I said (loudly enough for both of them to hear, as the secretary had joined in at several times to echo what her boss was saying and I was just as pissed at her as I was at the chiropractor) "Come on P, Mama is more educated that either of these people and I do not have to take that kind of abuse from them."  True though it may be, I don’t play the education card.  I think it’s pretty low to do such a thing, as it means very little in the day-to-day scheme of life, and I’m ashamed that I sank to that level.  I was just so furious at her for treating me that way and for NOT TAKING THE RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK ON THIS WITHIN ALMOST A WEEK’S TIME, that it just came out.

And quite frankly, bitch, you owe my husband $20,000+ in legal fees, some of them from a YEAR AGO.  Do you honestly think I’m willing to take any sort of shit from you?  I could do multiple IUIs AND adopt a child with that kind of money.

I will not go back to that office if J is not with me to deal with them.  And I certainly will not put P in the position of listening to his mama or his daddy be yelled at.  I refuse to be treated like that by anyone, let alone someone who’s truly at fault in this one.  I am not one of her little lackeys, so she can fuck off.

I dread the fact that I’ll still have to straighten all this out with the Ebay auction winners who’ll now be told "sorry, the chiropractor changed her mind about selling this stuff."  I have extremely high integrity, and I feel like it’s a reflection on me.  Thank G-d J and I didn’t use our actual names or any contact info for this–it would have ruined our ratings.  For her to do this is just wrong.  But I don’t have any say in that.  I just get to deal with the shitstorm that’s going to come from it.



  1. DD said,

    You know what would have happened if you had given her a list and asked her for a starting price? “Oh, gee, I don’t know. Let’s just get it sold.” She’s just pissed b/c she had no say in the matter. She probably could give a shit less what the items would have sold for.
    You did indeed handle that very well as I would have surely told her to her face to F-off. I’m not known for my tact.

  2. Christy said,

    That’s so completely insane! What is WRONG with people?!?! I’m glad you got out of there.

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