June 5, 2006

CD1 and our plan

Posted in TTC woes at 6:53 am by Erin

Ow.  That’s all I have to say about the cramps, backache (that I’ve now had for over 36 hours), and migraine.

J and I talked about this coming cycle yesterday, and he explained why he’s reluctant to proceed on to IUI.  He said that we don’t know that it’s a cervical mucous problem causing me not to get pregnant while on Clomid.  He doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a treatment without knowing what’s going on first.  Which, though I hate to admit it, does make sense.

So we’re going to make an appt with Dr. Wonderful to talk to him about figuring out what’s going on, probably doing a post-coital this cycle and maybe also doing an IUI.  I’ll still do Clomid, but J wants to talk to him to see what he recommends for this cycle and future cycles.  He said that if Dr. Wonderful gives him good reasons for doing the IUI this cycle, then we’ll do it; otherwise, he wants to wait and see what the post-coital says, and save the IUI until next cycle.

I’m a little frustrated by this.  If J had mentioned this when we were on our way back from Savannah and I brought up doing IUI this cycle, we could have already had the post-coital done.  I’ve already spent 3 cycles at 100 mg Clomid without a pregnancy, and the idea that I’m going to have to spend another one on it without changing anything is pretty depressing.  Despite what J says about possibly doing the IUI this cycle, I think he’s going to want to wait until we’ve got the post-coital results, which will be after ovulation.

On the other hand, he’s probably right.  We should figure out what’s going on as much as possible.  Of course, J wants me to have a lap done to find out about endo, which is not something that I’m willing to do until I have insurance to cover it.  I told him that it’s very convenient for him that he keeps scheduling me for tests and surgeries, while putting off an IUI means that he doesn’t have to do anything special to get involved in this.  He apologized, said he doesn’t mean it that way.  I did ask him what happens if the post-coital shows that everything is OK.  Will he be willing to do an IUI then, or will he refuse to do anything further until we have some new problem to attack?  He said he’d be willing to do one but I have my doubts.  We’ll have to wait and see.

In any event, we agreed to have a consultation and see what Dr Wonderful has to say.  That’s where things stand for this cycle.  I’ve called Nurse L (who’s thrilling me less and less lately, but that’s for another time) to let her know that my period started this morning, and am waiting to hear back from her.  We just need an appt early enough to figure out if we’re going to do an IUI this cycle, or just the post-coital, so probably no later than 4 or 5 days before ovulation?  I’m guessing.  Ovulation should be right around…as I just counted on the calendar, the. Day. My. Parents. And. Grandmother. Get. Into. Town.

Great.  Frickin’ great.  Maybe an IUI just isn’t in the cards for this cycle.


UPDATED TO ADD: We have an appt Wednesday morning for bloodwork, u/s, and consultation.  So that’s all good for now.



  1. Courtney said,

    Wishing you well with Wednesday’s appointment.
    J’s thoughts about finding out more about your odds with IUI do sound wise. Has Dr. Wonderful mentioned post-coital test and lap or is that something J has heard about and wants to do? I only ask because our doctors in MD, CA and I thought here all said the post-coital was of questionable validity. AND, both our doctor in CA and Dr. Wonderful said that lap is good for endo when it is combatting pain, but not so much as an infertility treatment (IVF is the best diagnostic and treatment when the endo is affecting fertility).
    I know that my age is different and every patient is different, so your treatment plan will obviously have variations BUT in case Dr. Wonderful voices some doubt about the post-coital or lap, I guess I was just pre-emptively tossing out there that he isn’t a quack or the only voice saying such a thing. Conversely, if he thinks those tests have value for you, he wouldn’t be alone in that either.
    It’s a lot to navigate–hang in there! (oh, and for what it is worth, I have started my own new little cycle and am grouchy, headachy, crampy, and thus that much more sympathetic to the whole CD1 scene. I know it’s much more emotionally loaded while ttc thanks to my 60-something cycles of ttc before my first baby came along and I hope you have some uplifting news on Wednesday. And that you are less grouchy than I because I think I have enough grouchiness for the whole metro area. Grrr, arghhh.)
    Seriously, though, wishing you well.

  2. amanda said,

    Good luck on Wednesday! I hope your appt helps you formulate a plan.

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