June 14, 2006

Now, where did I put that broom?

Posted in TTC woes at 6:48 am by Erin

Because the ClomiWitch is riding again!

My IL’s are gone.  J’s parents moved in with us on Sunday when the rest of his family left for Florida.  A week is too long, despite the fact that it was a decent visit.  I think my face is stuck, very uncomfortably, in a pleasant smile.

My head is rebelling from the week of being completely nice while on Clomid by having a migraine.  I took my meds and the migraine is merely laughing at the idea that they are going to help today.  I can take another one in 3 hours, but I have to make it to that point.  And P’s in a very energetic mood, which is not going to help.  Earlier I though I would do OK if I could just sit and read him a story (since movement is normally what hurts me the most when I have a migraine).  It backfired–my voice was resonating in my own head and making the migraine more painful than before.

I am in such a lousy mood even aside from the migraine.  Everything is rubbing me the wrong way.  I even smacked J on the shoulder this morning for doing something fairly harmless.  I’ve been having mood swings like crazy and haven’t been able to give in to them at all, so they’ve built up for the last few days.

Yesterday didn’t help, as I got an e-mail from the friend that I’ve been avoiding calling because I knew that they were trying.  Apparently, she decided not to say anything about being pregnant last time we spoke (about 6 months ago) or the times we’ve e-mailed since then, because the e-mail contained pictures of her TWO sons, the newest of whom is a month old.  I didn’t even know.  I don’t know if she was just trying to be nice and not rub it in because she knows about our infertility, but it ripped my heart out to have no warning and all of a sudden see pictures of her new baby.  Note to all fertiles: tell your infertile friends that you’re pregnant.  Don’t let them find out like I did, or from someone else.  You’re just hurting them worse by not saying anything at all.  Let them decide how much of it they want to hear about, don’t assume for them.

It’s only d10.  With the migraine and the mood swings, I’m never gonna make it through this cycle.

Mid-cycle u/s on Friday morning.  I’m going to ask if they would consider having me trigger so that I can have the IUI before my parents get here (which is d18, plenty late enough for O’ing on Clomid).  If I haven’t gotten a peak on my monitor by Tuesday, which happens to be our 7th anniversary, then I’d really like to make sure that it’s done before my family gets here.  So we’d have to trigger that night.  J thinks I’m being silly by not wanting to tell them about what we’re doing.  I completely regret having told my MIL (do you know how awkward it is to explain an IUI to your MIL?), so why would I want to tell my parents and especially my extremely judgemental grandmother?

I don’t know if my RE will go for it, but it’s not going to hurt to ask.

I need cheerful, happy things to focus on that have nothing at all to do with fertility issues (though I’m very excited for those of you who have recently gotten good betas).  Any ideas?



  1. Krista said,

    I live away from home as well and know all to well how the end of those visits are torture. You are so excited for them to come (well..when it’s your own family at least) but then by the end you are thinking, is it time for them to go yet.
    Hang in there, you’ll be back to your old routines in no time.

  2. DD said,

    Happy thoughts…happy thoughts…
    How ’bout “lemondade and vodka (citron) make a wonderful combo!”

  3. elecriclady said,

    I can’t believe your friend concealed her entire pregnancy and childbirth from you. I guess people just don’t know what to say or do, but it would have been nice for her or SOMEONE to give you a heads up.
    Happy thought: The in-laws are gone!

  4. Gravida Zero said,

    Wow. That friend with the instant baby must have been such a blow.
    If you think of anything cheerful, let me know 😛

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