July 12, 2006

It keeps you running

Posted in The musings of Erin at 9:54 pm by Erin

I celebrated two weeks of jogging today, apparently in the company of other joggers.  I don’t think I enjoy the actual jogging itself yet but I do enjoy the feeling of not just sitting on my lazy ass all day long (all day minus 30 minutes every other day is plenty, thank you very much).  I performed my celebration with a ritualistic "wearing of the new sneakers", which were purchased yesterday specifically for the purpose of today’s celebration.  This traditional ceremony, begun, I believe, by the ancient Mayans, was unfortunately not preceded properly by the traditional "visit to an actual running store".  Instead, it was preceded by the lazier energy-conservation approach: "visit to Sp*rts Authority since it’s on my way to another errand", where the only thing that the salespeople could tell me was that they didn’t have the two types of sneakers I wanted in anything smaller than a 6.5.  One even said, "You wear a 6, so it won’t be too big on you."  Not quite the helpful, knowledgeable staff that I should have gone looking for.

Instead, I purchased a pair that looks like Barbie vomited on them.  I was specifically looking for sneakers that had more cushioning to help with the mild knee pain I get when jogging faster than I would walk.  These are cushioned, but I don’t think they are really what I needed.  I think I just wasted $40–at least they were on sale.  And what in G-d’s name possessed me to buy pink and white sneakers?  I’ve never particularly liked pink.  I don’t look good in pink.

But they do match the very attractive burns on my arms.  I was making baked potato soup last night and went to add the potatoes to the lovely boiling milk/flour base.  Since I am a bit on the klutzy side, I dropped the heavy glass bowl (full of the already-mashed potatoes) into the pot.  Whereby the laws of physics applied and since two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time, the boiling thickened milk vacated the pot and splashed all over the stove, the counter, the floor, and my hands, which had been holding the bowl up until it tried to make a break for it.  I immediately turned to the sink and run my arms under cold water for 15 minutes, took them out, whimpered when the air hit them, and put them right back under.  All the while thanking G-d that P wasn’t in his usual place of right by my knees but was instead across the kitchen when this happened.  He could have been seriously burned otherwise.  He did kiss my arms "better" when he saw that Mama got hurt.  I gritted my teeth while he kissed them and told him that they felt all better.

Then I spent the rest of the evening slathering on aloe and whining.

The inside of my left forearm has a burn about the size of a dollar bill and various splash mark burns, and hurts when the breeze from the fan hits it.  The right one, which was further away, escaped with only a small burn about the size of a nickel that’s just a little sore.  Neither one blistered, but they are very bumpy; kind of a near-blister.  I think that’s due to my absolute refusal to take them out of the soothing cold water diligence in keeping them under the water for so long.

But you know what?  I still went jogging this morning.  Now THAT’S some dedication for you



  1. ms. c said,

    2 stories in one post, and an excellent segway! I’m impressed.
    but OUCH, so sorry about the burn, you poor thing. I was cringing as I read this, I can almost feel your extreme pain. I’m hoping for a quick healing process for you.
    So funny about the Barbie puke! But not so funny yhtat the shoes are not all that you hoped for. I have a problem with shoes, I never know if they are actually “good” for me until I wear them about 4 times. It’s very difficult.
    And last, congrats on the jogging anniversary! I’m really impressed!!

  2. Krista said,

    Congrats on the jogging. The burns suck but jogging with the burns – now that’s determination.

  3. Gravida Zero said,

    Ugh. Jogging. I feel guilty just reading your post.
    Sorry about the burns, dear. They sound ouch.

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