July 23, 2006

Yesterday, in haiku

Posted in The musings of Erin at 10:00 am by Erin

Water shoots from lawn
Silver streams mixed with red dirt
Cascade down the drive

Cannot go jogging
Must call the plumber right now
Damn!  Not answering

To Temple with P
No water means no shower
No one sits too close

Home, and pipe is fixed
Dirt washed from body and hair
Dress in peasant blouse

Life gets crunchier
Pregnancy Mother Blessing
Clearly not for me

Use words like "journey"
Speak of "opening chakras"
To prepare for birth

Come home feeling strange
Not depressed and not happy
Should have had more wine

P still up at 10
Wanted to see his mama
Made me smile again

Different couple calls
Natural childbirth went great
Healthy baby boy

Feelings ebb and flow
Bringing peace and contentment
As I go to sleep



  1. Fizzle said,

    If I had any sense of what the hell a haiku is, I’d write one in response…
    My favorite? Chakras, etc. etc. Oh, and “no one sits too close”.

  2. Krista said,

    Good job. That’s sounds as abstract as all the haiku’s I read as an english minor. I’m confused by the end, I would be surprised if you knew if you were successful this cycle, last post you hadn’t even ovulated, and yet I’m not sure where your contentment is coming from? Are you coming to terms with the journey?

  3. Erin said,

    Yeah, I had fun writing these but they reminded me why I’ve never studied English.
    The peace and contentment basically came from just knowing that, even if I can’t have any more babies (and you’re right, I have no idea if anything will happen this cycle since I don’t think I’ve ovulated yet), I helped another baby be born without any medical interventions. And they were so very happy that I had taught them so much, it just made me feel good.

  4. Meg said,

    Thanks, Erin. I love a good haiku. They always sound good!

  5. Jennie said,

    Very nice haiku, I like the sense of peace.

  6. Spanglish said,

    I love covering Haiku when we cover Asia in the World Literature curriculum. The kids like that haiku are so concise, and I’m always amazed by how much they can say. By limiting their words to the specific syllable count, they only pen the words that mean the most. I guess that’s why I love haiku. Each word is definitely intentional.
    Good job. I love the mood conveyed, and the gentle honesty.

  7. DD said,

    That was indeed very nice. I could almost hear water trickling across river rocks and the sound of a bamboo windchime.

  8. GZ said,

    Thanks for the poem Erin. I am glad you are feeling so serene!

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