July 27, 2006

Getting to know you….

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With my need to get a job, I’ve been thinking about jobs lately.  A lot.  Pretty much constantly.

In the course of my thoughts, I’ve been remembering jobs that I’ve had in the past.  I started working at 11 as a newspaper carrier, started babysitting at 12, got my first full-time job (summers only, part-time during the school year) when I was 16, and haven’t stopped working since.  Even now, when I’m "unemployed", I’m still working 10-20 hours a week.  Which is down quite a bit from while I was in school and working that much on top of a 40-50 hour week in the lab.

So I want to know:  what jobs have you had in the past?  Which was your favorite?  Which did you like the least?

I’ve been a newspaper carrier, babysitter, Discovery Zone birthday party hostess, 7-11 employee, camp counselor/EMT, pool attendant, teacher/instructor, lab assistant, lab technician, inorganic chemical analyst, and worked in catering.  Not necessarily in that order, but I think that’s nearly all of them.

My favorite was being a camp counselor/EMT.  I took EMT training in college and got certified later that semester, and worked at a day camp as one of 3 EMTs.  I worked 8:45 to 6:15 each day and got paid quite well (for a college student).  It was a great job.  The other counselors were all incredibly nice.  I got into phenomenal shape (you chase after 6 year olds for nearly 10 hours a day with only a quick break for a sandwich, see what it does for you!).  Several of the other counselors and I even went to aerobics together at 6 a.m. 3 times a week.  We had parties on the weekends and had a great time.  It really was a fun job.

My least favorite would have to be as a lab technician.  I worked long hours with only one other person, a much older and completely unsociable man.  The job was boring, there wasn’t enough work for 2 people to do, and my boss (who was almost never there) expected you to be working hard when he did bother to come in.  But it did get me into graduate school, so I suppose I should be glad that I took it.

So tell me about your experiences!



  1. Jesspond said,

    You’ve had a lot of interesting jobs!
    I’m way lame. The only real job I’ve ever had was insurance agent. Then, of course, I did the mandatory babysitting and stuff when I was younger, which I liked. I liked insurance enough, and it pays us good, but I like being a SAHW/owner waaaay better than actually working! lol

  2. Fizzle said,

    Really? You want the list? I started as a duster of a crazy neighbor’s 5 million porcelain figurines. (Who are these old women and why do they collect them?) I worked my way up to babysitter, camp counselor, waitress, retail sales. All before 16. I worked at a department store, retail chains, entertainment law firm receptionist, after school teacher, community officer, back to entertainment receptionist, then marketing coordinator. ( Whew.) Post-college it was on to data entry, public relations associate, web producer, online editor, marketing associate, business owner.
    I wasn’t so hot at waitressing, but have mercy! And dusting figurines sucks. I loved the entertainment law firm – it was living la vida Sex in the City.
    How fun to recount this. Good idear.

  3. Ella said,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Ok, job list, here goes – camp counselor (best job ever), babysitter, Cutco knife seller door-to-door, receptionist for an import/export company where I couldn’t figure out what it was they were importing and/or exporting, bankruptcy claims processor, various advertising/ marketing related gigs, and currently museum marketing – which I love.

  4. Dawn said,

    I’m boring!! Housecleaning/dog-walking, babysitting, movie theatre concession/box office, summer student at the power company for three summers (mostly in the accounting area), then accounting technician, now accountant. And a little bit of self-employed bookkeeping and photography thrown in.

  5. Jennie said,

    Wow and I thought I worked in a lot of different industries.
    I think my favorite was being the Pit Boss of a large Casino. Ok, I’m lying, but I used to want to be one!

  6. DD said,

    My most “interesting” job was the Ballroom dance instruction.
    The job I realized I’m entitled to a voice was when I worked for a summer in S. Dakota with a family who raised prized horses and were prepping for a huge auction. Long story…
    Worst job: 2nd shift clerk at 7-11. Oh, the horror!

  7. Erin said,

    Jess, I can see why you would! A part of me would really like to not go back to work.
    Fizzle, that sounds like an interesting list–dusting figurines? I never would have thought that was an actual job. But entertainment law sounds kind of fun.
    Ella, I had an ex-boyfriend who sold Cutco knives. My parents bought some steak knives and, while the ex-boyfriend didn’t work out, the knives are still going strong! How funny that you did it also.
    Dawn, you’re back–I missed you! How goes the accounting?
    Jennie, that does sound fun. Let me know if you ever get that job 😉
    DD, I have to agree that the 2nd shift 7-11 job (I alternated between 1st and 2nd) was pretty bad. It’s sad that the lab tech job beat it out. I would love to hear about the horses sometime!

  8. Heather said,

    Babysitter, Busser (cleans tables after someone finishes eating), Seating hostess, Manual Labor delivering bags of horse feed to race track, telemarketer (2 weeks), assistant office worker at college, front desk girl at hotel, CPA.
    My best has been the CPA, the last. My worst, obviously the telemarketer.

  9. Lisa said,

    Oh, boy! Like you, I started working pretty much the minute I could, and haven’t stopped since. . .babysitter, petsitter, ice cream scooper, cashier, waitress, restaurant manager, tour guide, office worker, worked for a temp agency and they put me all over the place- my favorite was working at a radio station. Post college and grad school: receptionist, admission counselor, director of admissions, international student advisor, college professor (current job)

  10. Spanglish said,

    My first job was as a babysitter. I didn’t like it.
    I worked in a pastry shop washing dishes and sweeping. The only reason I wanted the job was because the pastry chef looked like Keanu Reeves circa Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (but he was no dummy, the pastry chef).
    I was a waitress at a “retirement community.” That’s when I discovered that I have no patience for the elderly. Especially not the rich, white, snobby ones that lived in that building.
    I was a waitress in five different restaurants before finally coming to accept the fact that I am indeed the world’s WORST waitress.
    I worked retail in four different mall shops through high school and college, and all it did was feed my addiction to clothes. I worked at a shitty office job where I was forced to wear panty hose, even in the summer. I was a medical assistant for a summer. Now I’m a teacher.

  11. Carmi said,

    I was a radio producer. I got to interview famous people. It was an insane job for a 19-year-old in journalism school.
    My best job: lifeguard/swim instructor. I loved teaching wee ones, and this is where I met my future wife.
    My worst job: doing cold calls for an insurance agent. I lasted a half-day, and didn’t come back after lunch because my final call was to someone I knew!

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