August 1, 2006

And so we ring in 22 months of TTC#2

Posted in TTC woes at 6:55 am by Erin

Is it bad that I was watching TV last night and a commercial for Lipit*r came on, and they said that it shouldn’t be taken by women who are pregnant or may become pregnant, and my first thought was "Then I can take Lipit*r without worry if I get high cholesterol"?



  1. Krista said,

    Ouch, sometimes our minds and our hearts just don’t match up.

  2. Jennie said,

    It sucks that EVERY commercial has to bring up the topic of preg. It’s bad enough we pretty much think of it 24/7 but even for a commercial about cholesterol can’t take our mind away from the subject. Then every one tells you to relax and not think about it, how are we supposed to do that when it’s always shoved in our faces.

  3. Jesspond said,

    LMAO, I totally think that about any meds on TV when they say that. It’s so disturbing!
    Maybe 22 months will be your lucky time! I’m ringing in my 23 this August, so I’m right there with you!

  4. Rachel said,

    It’s definitely not bad. When looking for the silver lining in IF, sometimes you have to reach a bit.
    Besides, it makes a great comeback for all those people who tell you they can get preg just by breathing. “Yeah, so what? I can let my cholesterol go to hell AND fix it later. So there!”

  5. Spanglish said,

    The commercial that gets to me is the First Response one with the brunette lady going on about the hormone and early detection. I never seem to be able to find the remote control fast enough to avoid hearing her say “pregnant.” What pisses me off the most is that she says, “Imagine finding out your pregnant the moment it happens.” Stupid whore. No wonder so many fertiles are morons about this stuff.
    Uuf… wow, so so bitter!

  6. ms. c said,

    Ach, I hate feeling bitter about stupid shit like the mention of pregnancy on tv! But I do, and yuck.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, you made me giggle (re: *shudder* at clomid mood swings. Just the way you wrote that turned something so unfunny into something giggleable. Thank you, sometimes a giggle helps!)

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