August 6, 2006

Spotting…must be 9dpo

Posted in TTC woes at 8:52 am by Erin

Actually, I think I started a little bit yesterday, so I might be 10dpo.  Of course last cycle, I didn’t start spotting until 11dpo, so who knows what’s going to happen now?  I wish I knew, though, so I’d know when I could schedule my next bloodwork and u/s.  I think we’re going to do Femara alone next cycle, just to make sure it works properly on me, and then do an IUI + Femara the cycle after that.

I truly am OK with this month’s spotting.  I didn’t have any expectations of this cycle, and the mental break has been really good for me.  I’ve got enthusiasm back for both the IF treatments (well, as much as can be expected) and also for pursuing adoption plans.  I’m also a little relieved since we went out last night with friends to celebrate their anniversary, and I had two glasses of champagne, an amaretto sour, and a glass of wine.  It was over a long period of time, but it’s still a lot of alcohol that I would have felt guilty about drinking if there was a chance that I might have been pregnant.

So, onward to the next great thing–I hope!



  1. DD said,

    It’s a weird feeling isn’t it? To try and hope month after month and then when you take some time off, the feeling of acceptance is something I wish I could have every month.
    It helps to have a “bigger” picture in your head, doesn’t it.

  2. flygirl said,

    Onwards and upwards. Seems that’s what we’re always doing huh?

  3. Meg said,

    Moving forward = good. And Erin… you so sound like shoe-in for that job.. Let us know how it goes.

  4. My Reality said,

    I hope you enjoyed your night out and didn’t pay for it when you got up this morning!

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