August 13, 2006


Posted in The musings of Erin at 7:28 pm by Erin

I have to thank you all so much for the support and congratulations!  I’m really excited about starting the new job tomorrow morning, though my classes don’t start until next Monday.  I’m teaching two separate classes (cell biology & genetics and human biology & disease, both non-majors classes) on Mondays and Wednesdays, but I’ll be there for 12 hours each of those days (first class starts at 10 a.m., last class ends at 9:45 p.m.).  So I won’t be seeing J or P much on those days, which stinks.  But then again, I’ll only be working 2 days a week–and it’s a full-time job.  P will stay in daycare everyday, since I’ll be preparing lectures and grading and holding office hours on the off-days.  I’ll probably pick him up pretty early on those days, though.

I tried to shop the other day!  I really, really tried–I shopped from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  I went to two separate malls.  I tried on clothes in 5 or 6 stores.  I must have tried on 50 articles of clothing.  And yet I only came home with three tops, two skirts, a pair of pants, and…erm, three pairs of shoes, two purses, and two necklaces.  But I really meant to get a whole lot more than that, so I was a little disappointed.  Ah well, I’ll just have to try again another time!  I did get my PalmPil*t, so that’s good.  And the fact that I only teach on two days a week means that my mini-wardrobe will last several weeks!  Tomorrow and Tuesday are convocation and faculty meetings, so I can dress pretty casually for those.

Oh, and I’m on my third day of Femara (u/s and E2 were fine on d3, so I’m taking it d3-7).  It’s kicking my butt.  The hot flashes aren’t quite so numerous as the Clomid (but then again, I just took the third dose an hour ago) but the dizziness!  My G-d, last night I felt like I was spinning.  It’s just now kicking in tonight, also–now I see why they tell you not to operate heavy machinery until you know how it affects you.  I’ve got to say that unless it works a lot better than Clomid in terms of getting me ovulating, I might just switch back to that next cycle.

Wait, did I just say that I’d voluntarily switch to Clomid?  What the hell is this stuff doing to me???



  1. Rachel said,

    It sounds like a great job :o)
    … there are worse drugs than clomid?? it’s the only one I have experience with, but I hate it.. the side effects… oh, the side effects… I’m sorry femara is worse – hopefully that means it’s working for you!

  2. spanglish said,

    Shopping for a work wardrobe can be a bit frustrating. I’ve had good luck finding pieces at Dress Barn (believe it or not), and Casual Corner. How conservative is the college? Almost all my instructors in college wore work casual clothes — khakis, knits, that sort of thing. Old Navy has some nice casual work clothes.

  3. DD said,

    I hate it when I get permission to buy clothes, have freedom to use the credit cards and can’t find. any. clothes!
    Not fair!

  4. Alli said,

    Hope the dizziness goes away soon!

  5. Jennie said,

    Wow, congrats on the job!! Yeah!! Nice to come back to some good news.
    It’s funny that for you the hot flashes haven’t seemed as bad as clomid, I’m having the opposite. I’m having hot flashes like crazy since on the Femara. I hope yours doesn’t get worse. I’m on cd11 and I finished my Femara on cd7.

  6. Jesspond said,

    Oooh, so sorry about the drugs! That sucks!
    Sorry you couldn’t find more clothes, but at least you got some new things…and shoes! Fun!
    Good luck tomorrow!

  7. My Reality said,

    It sounds like you might just have to go on another shopping trip! Sorry to hear that Femara is worse than Clomid. I didn’t think anything was worse than Clomid!

  8. GZ said,

    Yikes. That must be a very nasty drug.
    I hope you love your new job!

  9. Kellie said,

    It’s hard to believe there is something worse than Clomid… Yikes.

  10. ms. c said,

    So? How’s work??? So happy for you on that front.
    About the drugs-eeks! Hope you are feeling ok soon.

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