August 16, 2006

I’m going insane

Posted in The musings of Erin at 12:35 pm by Erin

And I’m going to ramble because of it.  This week has been insane.  I thought we only had meetings on Monday and part of Tuesday.  Well, we had meetings all of Monday, all of Tuesday (and I had to teach Tuesday night), and all of this morning so far.  And tomorrow, I have meetings in the morning and then a benefits meeting in the afternoon (and I have to teach tomorrow night–I switched my Wednesday Bradley class to Thursday).  Friday appears to be empty, but then again, I thought Wednesday and Thursday would be empty.

Please let Friday be empty!  I have two classes that start next week, each with two lectures a week, and four labs.  I haven’t got syllabi written, I haven’t got lectures begun, and I haven’t yet figured out when those are going to happen.  If I can’t get started on Friday, I’m going to fall over with exhaustion before my first class on Monday.

This new faculty-member stuff is tricky!  Not only have I had to deal with the whole teaching aspect, but there’s strategy meetings to retain students, learning how to advise students (I’ll be given my own advisees in the next two weeks), figuring out when to hold office hours (ten a week!), figuring out professional development activities/travel, getting everything worked out with human resources…  I’m sure there’s been more, but my brain is frying rapidly.  The department faculty and staff is great, so at least I’m in good company for all of these things.  I think it’ll be a great working environment once I can actually get into the routine of the semester.

Happily, the Femara side effects have calmed way down.  I took the first few with dinner but the last two right before bed, and then the dizziness didn’t affect me since I slept through it.  Still having occasional hot flashes, not nearly so frequently as with Clomid.  And I’m not having much in the way of mood swings!  Forget that whole thing about going back to Clomid next cycle–uh uh, no way, not gonna happen.

Damn, I was going to write more and I don’t remember what, and I have an appt to get my hair highlighted and cut in half an hour anyway (the highlights are a treat, the haircut is an absolute necessity–my bangs fall in my face every time I look down at the desk in front of me).  Oh, right, I remember part of it.  Do you all realize how much you blog every day???  I’m so far behind on reading blogs, let alone commenting.  I promise that I’m not ignoring you, and I appreciate every single comment.  Once I get my first few lectures written, I’ll try to get caught up!



  1. Jesspond said,

    Your job sounds BUSY but good! It seems like it will be fulfilling and fun once you get into it and aren’t as bogged down with meetings and organizational stuff.
    Great that the femera isn’t kicking your ass anymore! That’s awesome! Taking it before bed is a good idea- that’s what I did with the lupron. I slept throught he bitchiness!! 🙂
    Here’s hoping for a good free Friday and a WONDERFUL start on Monday!

  2. Krista said,

    So glad to hear that you are enjoying it. Being busy takes your mind of infertility. Unfortunatley it also takes time away from P (and J)
    I hope it settles down and is the ideal job.

  3. Jennie said,

    Oh my gosh, make sure you fit sleep in there somewhere. I’m glad at least you like everyone, it helps to make the craziness more bearable.
    Do you get day 13 ultrasounds done, I’m curious how the Femara will go for you. I seemed to have done well this month, don’t know if it’s the Femara or Glucophage or the combination of the two. I know you’re super busy so let me know later when you get a minute.
    Good luck getting through the next few days!

  4. My Reality said,

    I hope things settle down soon. Once you have a routine set, it will be a piece of cake! Good luck with the cycle, I hope the Femara works for you!

  5. spanglish said,

    Oh Please Sister… you have too much going on in your life to worry too much about the bloggy friends. You’ll catch up when you can. Don’t fret over us.
    I hope your hair turned out fabulous!

  6. Nico said,

    Congratulations on your new job! It sounds marvellous, although it’s a heck of a thing to try and get all your prep for two brand new classes done in less than a week. Yikes. I hope it all goes well, and that once it settles down the job ends up being everything you had hoped!

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