August 17, 2006

It was nice while it lasted…

Posted in The musings of Erin at 3:03 pm by Erin

There’s another new science faculty member at my college whose husband is also a lawyer.  We, of course, have been chatting all about it.  She’s very nice, has two boys (the younger is just a little older than P), and is teaching physics and astronomy.  I’ve enjoyed spending time with her this week.

But I have a feeling that’s all about to change.

I, of course, asked J if he happened to know her husband, since he works in the town where J used to work.  J tried really hard to figure out how he knew the name.  He joked around that he thought he might have sued him at one point, which I told him wasn’t funny.

Joke’s on me: he called me today and said that he had good news and bad news.  The good news is that he hasn’t sued her husband.  The bad news is that "it’s on [his] to-do list."  Seriously.  For a lot of money.  And not a client of his but the husband himself.  I don’t know the details of the case (lawyer-client confidentiality and all that), but apparently it’s pretty bad.

There are thousands of lawyers in Atlanta.  Thousands.  Why does this one case of J’s have to involve the husband of my colleague???

Argh.  And now every time I look at her, I think, "Guess what my husband’s going to do next week?  I’M SORRY!"  I know it’s not personal on J’s part, I know he’s just doing his job.  But this really sucks.



  1. fizzle said,

    what are the chances? that’s uncanny. and, yes, sad for your friendship….

  2. Jesspond said,

    Aww, that sucks!
    Maybe she’ll be extra understanding? Maybe…maybe she won’t put two and two together?
    You can hope! 🙂

  3. Rachel said,

    That sounds like it could turn into one seriously uncomfortable situation.
    Is it too much to hope that lawyer-client confidentiality means she’ll never know it’s your husband?

  4. Krista said,

    Shit. Oh Erin that really sucks. Bet you wish now you never told her what your husband did. Maybe she won’t put two and two together. But if she comes to you to talk because she’s feeling bad, that would really suck.

  5. GZ said,

    Yeah. I probably wouldn’t tell her, maybe she’ll never figure it out (YEah, right.)
    Good luck. That really does suck.

  6. flygirl said,

    Oh now that’s a dilemna! I don’t envy you.

  7. DD said,

    Even if she doesn’t immediately associate the two, if she knows your husband is in law she may ask and you’ll have to pretend not to know anything. That’s the suckiest part.

  8. Jennie said,

    What were the odds of that happening?? Oh man, I’m sorry.
    Maybe it’s a good thing to find out right away before you got too close. Who knows maybe the lawsuit is something really bad and you won’t want to know them too well after all. But I know it will still make it hard to work with her.

  9. My Reality said,

    Well, this is going to make for an interesting situation at work. Maybe as you both get into a routine, you won’t have as much time to chat so it will be easier to put some distance between you without her noticing. I really wish you luck with this one. . .

  10. Erin said,

    Shit. Really? God that sucks. We have a really small legal community, so we have to make nicey-nicey with each other. But. Sometimes that can be very, very hard.

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