August 19, 2006

Because I have no life on a Saturday night

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I am going to do the book meme that Dramalish just did.  Otherwise, I would have done it at another time (because, as I told her, I am the daughter of a librarian and read constantly).  Keep in mind that I am not, and never have been or could be, any sort of English major or even student, so my books are a little…shall we say "unscholarly"?  Listen, I read Science and Nature for fun.  I get a little break on the books.

Oh, I have to tell you this: Because J is such a wonderful husband, he is going to try not to sue the other guy.  Just to be clear, it is on behalf of J’s client that he’s doing the suing, not a personal reason.  And, while he can’t tell me details about it, he did say that it’s nothing at all morally wrong–it appears that the guy made some sort of mistake in some sort of process (business? real estate? family law?  I haven’t a clue).  That’s all I know, but hopefully it will work out and he won’t have to sue him.  And if he does, well, she’ll put 2 and 2 together pretty quickly, since they’re going to meet at our department barbecue on September 9th.  *sigh*  Anyway, J’s a great guy and should be recognized as such–he told me to tell you that.  But then again, he’s right in this case.

OK, back to the meme:

1) A book that changed your life:
Can I be really cheesy and say Taking Charge of Your Fertility?  Because if I had never picked up that book, who knows how long it would have been before I was diagnosed with PCOS?  (I’m assuming that I would have figured out that I needed some help at some point.)  And if it had been longer, I wouldn’t have P.  I might have a little boy named P, but it wouldn’t be the same P who is sleeping in his sleeping bag on my bedroom floor right now.

If that’s too pathetic, then I’ll go with Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt.  My great-grandparents on my father’s side came from Ireland to NY before my grandfather was born.  It just spoke to me that this was probably very similar in ways to what they experienced.  They, and my grandfather, had passed away by the time I read it, but I wish I’d been able to talk to them and ask them about their experiences.

2) A book you’ve read more than once:
The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.  Every time I read it, I’m just amazed at both her writing ability and her ability to keep such a story straight in her head.

I have to admit that I am also a chronic re-reader, so I’ve read most of the books I own several times.  I’m a nerd.  And a really, really fast reader (over 100 pages an hour.  I finished the last Harry Potter book in 4 hours the day it came out.)

3) A book that made you laugh
Other than my ever-favorite comic Calvin and Hobbes?  And I’m assuming one that didn’t make me laugh because it was so bad, so horribly bad, that I laughed at the idea that anyone would even finish it.  I’ll go with Callie’s Tally, which is not a book for infertiles.  My sister gave it to me right after P was born, and it was hysterical.  And Catch-22 by Josef Heller is really, really funny as well (and is a little more literary than many of the things I read).

4) A book that made you cry
Y’all, I am a big dork.  I cry at the stupidest things in books (and movies, but this is a book meme).  It’s pathetic.  So I will admit that I cried buckets while reading about Dumbledore’s funeral in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  But that’s only one of them–there are more than I’d care to admit.

5) A book you wish had been written
Geez, I can’t think of anything.  Half the time I don’t know what I want to read until I read a review of it.  I wish the next Harry Potter book was already out, but then I’d be sad that there weren’t any more to anticipate.

6) A book you wish had not been written
I just didn’t like The Poisonwood Bible at all.  I read the whole thing and hated it the whole way through.  I kept wondering why I hadn’t yet put it down.  And right now, I’m wondering why it’s still sitting on a bookshelf behind me.  (And sadly, the next thought was "Maybe I should re-read it to see if I still hate it.")

7) Books you’re currently reading
I’m only reading crap right now, aside from the non-majors biology textbooks which consume my every thought:

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling (I re-read the series frequently)

Three Fates by Nora Roberts

Hillside Gardening by someone, but I’m too lazy to go in the other room to find out who it is.  You haven’t seen my yard–this book is going to be absolutely necessary for us.  OK, some of you have and can attest to my need for this book.

6) Book/books I’ve been meaning to read
There are so many classics that I keep meaning to read, and half of them are sitting on my bookshelves: Oliver Twist, Wuthering Heights, and Robinson Crusoe being some of them.  I just get caught up in doing other things and forget that I have them, and they’re not really bedtime reading (like my current crap)

Not going to tag anyone, but feel free to give me book recommendations.  The fact that I’m only reading three books right now is proof that I need more suggestions!



  1. flygirl said,

    I liked the Poisonwood Bible! Hated the father, loved the book. 🙂
    Have you read Prodigal Summer by the same author? I just finished it not too long ago and it’s a pretty good read.
    (I’m a re-reader too. 🙂

  2. Krista said,

    I am also a very fast reader but I don’t like to re-read. I have a very good memory and I remember most of the details and then I get very bored (and once I am bored I get distracted). I also read a lot of junk, I figure my life is so serious all the time, I like my relaxation reading to be much lighter.
    By the way, I was thinking about the situation with your colleagues husband and wondered if J could just delegate the file to someone else in the firm. But now that I think of it more, I seem to remember that he works on his own or with a partner, is that right?

  3. Meg said,

    Erin – “We need to talk about Kevin” by Lionel Shriver” is really good, but pretty intenxe, if you are up to it.
    Oh, and re: your colleague. How awkward for you!!

  4. GZ said,

    How could you not like the Posionwood Bible…I just don’t get it.
    Thanks for doing this post. I always love to read about books, and I love to get to know my bloggy friends…

  5. ferlr said,

    I loved the Poisonwood Bible. It was very depressing, however.
    You might, since you are living in the South, like to read some Eugenia Price (sp?). She wrote historical fiction based on real people/events in the South. LOVE HER! Also, another favorite, since you like Harry Potter, is the Bartimaeus Triology. Wonderful books. OH, and barely second to the HP books is the Eragon books. Written by a 17 year old, amazing, and coming out in movie this December.

  6. Alli said,

    OMG! I bawled when Dumbledore died. And both times I have read that book it’s been out loud to my 10 year old and still, I bawled. The first time he said, “Uh, are you okay?” I literally had to stop reading and collect myself! The second time I think he expected it b/c he just rolled his eyes. LOL.

  7. flygirl said,

    Oh oh oh! And I loved Amanda’s Wedding by Jenny Colgan. It’s a light enjoyable read.

  8. My Reality said,

    I can’t read more than one book at a time, so if you have 3 on the go right now, I would say you are doing pretty good!

  9. fizzle said,

    I’ll tell you why Im’ incapable of ever doing memes. I suddenly lose my memory when faced with coming up with “bests”, “worsts” or stuff like that.
    So glad you had it in you to do it….I’ll enjoy reading yours rather than suffering at coming up w/ my own…

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