August 22, 2006

I was born to do this

Posted in Happiness is a true gift at 8:06 pm by Erin

Teaching, that is.  Clearly not having babies.  Hahaha!  Gosh, that was funny.  Today was d14 and my monitor is still giving a low reading.  Not even reading high fertility to give me a thrill.  I’m glad we didn’t decide to do an IUI this cycle because I’m not so sure this dose of Femara is working.  Gotta call the clinic tomorrow.

But teaching…wow, I have found my calling.  OK, I was pretty sure about it anyway, but I’ve felt reinforced by the last two days.  I feel so comfortable in front of my classes.  I feel like my lectures are interesting–the fact that no one fell asleep in my 8:30-9:45 lecture last night was encouraging.  Of course, it was only the first class, but it was still good.

Writing the lectures for my own classes is more work than I’d realized, which is why it’s 11 p.m. and I’m still writing the lecture that I’ll be giving at 10 a.m. tomorrow.  And still have to do some serious work on my lecture for tomorrow evening’s class.  Since those are my last classes for the week, I’m hoping to use Thursday and Friday to get a little ahead and write lectures for both Monday and Wednesday of next week.

Sorry to keep blathering on about my job, but since the TTC stuff is going nowhere (big surprise there, I know), it’s nice to have a positive focus for a change.  I’m still waiting to hear if one of the health plans–we get to choose from four–has any sort of infertility coverage.  It would be great, but I’m certainly not betting on it.  But I do have health care flex spending that I can spend on IF treatments and get the money pre-tax.  So that will save us a bit.  I can also do it for daycare and if I do the max on each, it actually ends up making my job "worth" several thousand more a year.  But then again, I’d rather just have health insurance that covers IF.  At least none of the plans have a pre-existing conditions exclusion, so I won’t have to wait if one of them does cover it.

Well, I’d better get back to working.  I’d like to get at least a little sleep tonight!



  1. DD said,

    What class are you teaching? If you mentioned it, sorry ’bout that. Otherwise if it’s a privacy thing, no problem there, either.
    I’m glad that you are enjoying your job. Once you find your groove, I’m sure your lectures will only take minutes to write instead of hours.

  2. Krista said,

    So glad to hear that you are enjoying your new job. I bet it will be busy for the first little bit but I agree with DD that by the middle of the semester it will take much less preparation. Also, imagine if you teach the same class next year, then you can just modify your lectures a little and voila!

  3. My Reality said,

    It is great that you have a job you love, hopefully it will make the lecture writing go by faster!

  4. Jesspond said,

    I’m so happy that you’re so happy! 🙂
    Your job sounds perfect for you and it’s nice to have a shift in focus, even for a bit, like you said!

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