August 31, 2006

I think I’m leaving a dent in the wall

Posted in TTC woes at 1:38 pm by Erin

I finally got a peak on my monitor yesterday, so I haven’t gone for a progesterone test.  I don’t think my ovaries got the message.  I can’t even feel them, let alone are they making me swoon in agony the way they always do when I ovulate, and they’re especially bad when on fertility drugs.  Well, we’ve done what we can and will do so again this evening.  The whole process does make me feel like I’m banging my head against the wall–pain with no point to it.

I know that I’m just asking for trouble when I’m teaching Bradley classes, but the other night took the cake so far.  I had a woman who said she quit her job at the end of February and she knows that’s why they got pregnant that cycle, because they’d been trying for two cycles already!

The thunk you heard on Tuesday evening echoing across the country was my head against the wall.

I called Nurse L to let her know that I’d gotten the surge and wouldn’t be coming in for the progesterone, and asked if it was normal to ovulate so late with the Femara.  She called back and said she knew it seemed like it was really late but she knew that I’d started a new job and that perhaps it was the stress that made me ovulate late.  And that maybe next cycle I wouldn’t be so stressed and would have a better ovulation.

I got "just relax" from the nurse at my RE’s clinic.

The thunking sound you heard echoing across the world was my head on the wall again.  Good thing that Monday proved that I have a hard head.  The wall is suffering, however.



  1. VThokieChE said,

    Hey hon! I was poking around on P4P for an update and found the link here. I’m so glad to have found your blog! I’m also happy to hear that teaching is going well for you so far. I know it’s probably not much help, but after this first time, it will be so much easier. You’ll have a great foundation, and it’s much easier to edit than to create from scratch.
    I hope that the femra is going to do the trick for you. I know it has to be hard. One of my coworkers has been trying for 3.5 years. She finally got pregnant this summer, only to have a miscarriage. Then, like a slap in the face, we had a counselor announce yesterday that she’s pg. I felt so bad for the first one. I know I haven’t been through what you’re going through, and I truly wish you didn’t have to go through it either.
    *hugs* Not that I would be much help, but you can email me anytime, or post on my blog!

  2. flygirl said,

    So that’s what that thunk was. It sounded IF related…
    If only relaxing really worked.

  3. GZ said,

    Relax? From a nurse? At an RE clinic?

  4. Chrissie said,

    I’m a little lost with what your talking about here….
    Here from Michele’s.

  5. electriclady said,

    I have become that bitchy infertile who says to people, “Actually, relaxing has nothing to do with it” and gives them far too much information about medical causes of infertility, etc. After the second separate instance of my coworker saying in reference to a friend of hers, “Once the pressure was off, she got pregnant right away!” I couldn’t take it anymore.
    I can’t believe the NURSE said that to you. Horrible

  6. DD said,

    Well, if a nurse told you that, then you know that’s GOT to be the secret to this whole business. Did you stick your tongue out at her through the phone?

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