September 6, 2006

Snapping out of it

Posted in Happiness is a true gift at 8:33 pm by Erin

Thank you so much for your words.  They’ve really pulled me through some tough times in the last couple of days.  My neighbor, wonderful woman that she is, even talked with me about it this evening–she said that as soon as she saw the e-mail, her first thought was of me and how sad it was probably making me feel.  It’s amazing how much having those support systems in place can help a person.

Today I started snapping out of it*.  Because I am a geek, I am all a twitter about the baby panda that was born at Zoo Atlanta.  I was so excited last year when one was born at the National Zoo in D.C., and kept watching on their Panda-Cam.  Now we have one here!  And we’re Zoo Atlanta members!  Not that it means we’ll get to see it any sooner than anyone else, but we’ll be going to see it frequently when we can–P loves the pandas.  Did you look at the pictures of the baby panda next to Lun Lun (the mama)?  How amazingly cute and tiny is it?!

It must kind of suck to be a female panda, though.  Not only do they only have about 2-3 days a year to conceive, but they go through a pseudo-pregnancy even if they don’t get pregnant.  All the hormonal and behavioral changes associated with pregnancy but none of the baby at the end.  This was Lun Lun’s third insemination.  The pictures of that looked less fun than an IUI.

Sometimes I wish I was cool, but it’s so much fun to be excited about things like this.  Cool people would have to pretend it wasn’t exciting and that they weren’t at all affected by it.  Me?  I’m such a geek that I literally bounced in my chair when the news came today.  Simple pleasures, my friends, simple pleasures.

*Something that’s not helping me is that today I started having a major chicken aversion.  I love chicken and tried to have it for both lunch and dinner, and at neither meal could I choke down much of it without feeling like I was going to get sick.  The problem with that is that I started having a chicken aversion that I know of at 9dpo when I got pregnant with P…I had no idea that I was pregnant (and would have said you were crazy if you’d suggested that I might be), but we were at a dinner party, they served chicken, I couldn’t eat it and couldn’t figure out why I felt so sick even smelling it.  The chicken aversion lasted through my entire pregnancy.

Long story short (ha, too late!), this is getting my hopes up since I’m 7-8dpo today.  Damn it.  I think this is one of Rachel’s Fertility-Challenged Psychoses.  Of the more severe kind.



  1. Rachel said,

    I totally gave up being cool when I found out it was more fun to be excited.
    Yay for baby pandas!
    And yay for links with panda-cams!
    (but no chicken)

  2. Meg said,

    Well, I hope it isn’t one of them. Yep. That’s what I hope.

  3. DD said,

    FCP – just tragic.
    FYI: one can only read your last paragraph via bloglines but definitely not on your typepad site…way too little for these old eyes!

  4. Jennie said,

    I was so excited to hear about the baby panda! I’m pretty geeky like that too. Recently, we were at an out-of-town zoo and I stayed so long in the aquarium that the zoo started to close, and we got kicked out before we even got to finish seeing everything.

  5. My Reality said,

    Hmmm. Chicken aversions sound very interesting . . .
    I will have to check the panda-cam tomorrow when they start showing the mom and baby.

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