October 22, 2006


Posted in The musings of Erin at 6:38 am by Erin

Literally.  We were on our way back from a trip to the pumpkin patch and dinner last night when we were hit by another car.  We were stopped in a turn lane, waiting to make a left, and this other car apparently decided to make a U-turn, not realizing that we were completely stopped and waiting for the signal.  It smacked right into the rear door on the driver’s side.

That happens to be where P sits.  It was a low-impact collision but in the time between being hit and turning around to make sure he was OK, my heart stopped.  I shook for 20 minutes afterwards, I was so scared that P could have been badly hurt.

The other car pulled into the lane next to us for a second and we motioned to them to pull into the gas station right there.  They didn’t.  They drove on and looked like they were going to turn around at the next light but then kept going.  I was already on the phone with 911 at this point and J had the presence of mind to get their license plate number.  We both agreed that the driver looked pretty glazed-over and weren’t surprised that they didn’t stop.

We’re OK.  Today J and I are a little sore and P, who thought it was great fun to be stopped at a gas station and be able to climb all over the car last night, is moving a little slower but says he feels OK.  The police officer who came was great with P, which gave us a chance to teach P that if he ever needs help, he can always ask a police officer because that’s what they do–never let it be said that we won’t make the best of a bad situation!  Fortunately we were in the Explorer, which is better equipped for side impacts*.  The door won’t open at all (they were in a minivan and hit the door and the panel behind it) but the car is driveable.  I called the insurance company and they’re supposed to call this morning set up an appt to check out our car.

But we’re OK.  That’s all that matters.

*Since that IS all that matters, it was kind of funny that J said he would have cried if we’d been in the Jaguar, though P sits on the other side in there and would have been further away.  Then the insurance company person asked which car we were in and I told her, and her response was "That was lucky!"  I thought she was referring to the fact that we were in the bigger, heavier car, but she was referring to the fact that we’ve only had the other car a month.  I told her what J had said and she laughed.



  1. art-sweet said,

    YIKES! Glad to hear you are okay.

  2. My Reality said,

    Glad you are all ok.

  3. DD said,

    That’s pretty scary. I’m so glad you are OK.

  4. amanda said,

    I’m so glad you guys are ok.

  5. Leggy said,

    I’m glad you are okay. How horrible that the other person didn’t stop- did they track him/her down?

  6. Amy said,

    (((Erin))) Glad you guys are ok… how scary!! Just a gentle reminder, P needs a new car seat now, your insurance company should cover the cost. Even if the car seat looks ok, there could be strains in the plastic that you can’t see. And PS- My fingers are so crossed for you this cycle!!!

  7. Jesspond said,

    How scary! Glad you are all okay and damage is minimal!

  8. Krista said,

    Erin, so glad to hear you are all ok. Please let us know if the police find the bastard who didn’t stop. I can’t imagine how people can live with that.

  9. Karen said,

    Argh! I’m so glad you’re okay, and I’m really glad you got the license plate number. I hope the authorities are able to find the person who did this!
    Good for you for being able to turn this into a good parenting moment, though!

  10. Alexa said,

    Oh god, I’m so glad no one was seriously hurt.
    I have been thinking about you a lot lately, and really hoping that this cycle works for you. Surely one of us PCOS ladies is due for a break?

  11. flygirl said,

    So glad everyone is okay!

  12. electriclady said,

    Oh no–glad everyone is OK!

  13. Cally said,

    Yikes, yikes, yikes. Car accidents are so scary, I can only imagine how frightening it must have been to have little P sitting right there…
    I am very glad you are okay, and hope you guys are able to find the minivan culprit.

  14. rachel said,

    No wonder you were shaken – that must have been very scary (thinking what could have happened). So glad you’re all OK

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