October 23, 2006

SpotWatch, day 2

Posted in TTC woes at 12:40 pm by Erin

Thanks to all who posted about our accident.  So far, they haven’t found (or even looked for, as far as I know) the person who hit us.  This could be a big problem for several reasons:

1.  We owe the $500 deductible if we have to pay it ourselves.  An extra $500 going into the holiday season. 

2.  The insurance adjuster who came yesterday all but guaranteed that they’re going to total out our Explorer.  It’s 9 years old and in mechanically perfect shape but it’s got 9 years of normal wear-and-tear and just isn’t worth much.  Apparently we got hit in one of the most expensive-to-repair places.

3.  We cannot afford to buy another car now.  No way in the world.  We just bought the Jaguar a month ago.  We had no car payments for 2 years before that.  There’s no way we can go from no payments to 2 in the space of several months.  We had no intention of replacing the Explorer before it fell apart, which, given how fantastic it’s been (seriously, we’ve barely spent $1000 on it in the 5 years that we’ve owned it and that included new tires and brakes on all 4 tires), we didn’t expect to be for a good, long time.

4.  We cannot afford to pay the extra beyond what they’ll give us as an insurance payout to fix the car so that we don’t have to get rid of it.  I don’t even know if that’s an option–won’t they refuse to insure a car they’ve already totalled?  And clearly, we can’t go without insurance.

5.  We need to replace P’s carseat (thanks for the reminder, Amy).  He was in the $300 Britax carseat.  I don’t yet know if our insurance will cover it.

If they can find the other driver, we can get his insurance company to pay for the repairs to fix the car even if they’re more than the total value of the car.  (Being married to a lawyer who has done this a million times for his clients can be a good thing.)  If not, we’re screwed.  Needless to say, that would completely eliminate our ability to continue fertility treatments, and probably delay our ability to start the adoption process by at least 6 months.

I go cold just typing that.  It feels so hopeless.  A car accident that wasn’t even our fault could ruin our chances of having a child join our family before mid-2008.  If then.

Today we’re on SpotWatch day 2.  It’s 10dpIUI and no spotting yet.  I can account for that since releasing two eggs would cause my post-ovulatory progesterone levels to be higher than normal (I think?  Correct me if I’m wrong).  Any pregnancy "symptoms" could have the same cause.  I get nervous that I’ll be spotting every time I go to the bathroom, because I truly am still hopeful for this cycle.  Two eggs.  Excellent sperm sample.  Please, please, please.

Because if not, this is probably the end of the road for quite a while.  Damn it all.



  1. Jennie said,

    Oh my gosh, I just read about your accident. I’m so glad you were all ok. And so close to little P, I’m sure you are still shaking.
    Too bad we all can’t take things like P does, after an accident turning it into a fun thing. We should all try to have that attitude more often.

  2. Kathy said,

    If the ins. co. won’t replace his carseat, just have J draft a letter for them to sign assuming all responsiblity if he’s ever hurt due to a subsequent accident in that seat and it fails. That should get their attention.
    Crossing everything that this cycle is IT, and the repercussions of the accident aren’t as huge as they could be.

  3. DD said,

    You may want to check with your home owner’s policy if your auto won’t cover the car seat.
    Also, yes you can get insurance on a vehicle that is totalled – liability only, though.
    And since I know you are truly concerned about P and you are getting him a new car seat, it makes no sense to put him into a vehicle that is no longer structurally sound. A totalled vehicle usually has more to do with the frame and safety than the cosmetics of a car. The check from the insurance may be nominal, but hopefully it’s enough to buy a nice, heavy land yacht to get by on.
    Somehow, I know that it will work out, and I’m not referring to the car.

  4. amanda said,

    Oh, man. I really hope they find the person that did this to you. I’ve had cars totalled by hit and run drivers on two separate occasions, and it sucks big time.
    I really hope this cycle is the one. My fingers are crossed.

  5. Leggy said,

    I really hope they find the person who did this.
    I feel like a jerk asking this because I know how my husband would react about his own car- but could you replace the Jaguar and get 2 cheaper cars? Is that a possibility?
    I hope this cycle works. I hope they replace the car seat. I hope they find the guy that did this. I hope a solution presents itself.
    I’m sorry- this sucks.

  6. Casey said,

    I get angry just reading that post.
    I wonder if your ins. co. will hunt down the hit-and-run vehicle. My (parked) car was hit by a moving truck and a witness left me a note with the license plate number and company name on it. When my attempts to get the moving company to pay up failed, I handed it over to my ins. co. and they chased it down (rather quickly, I might add). Maybe that’s the “they” that won’t or aren’t pursuing it, though (I assumed you meant the police).
    I feel your frustrating…sorry that it’s one thing on top of another with the accident.

  7. Casey said,

    I feel your FRUSTRATION, that is.
    By the way, is SpotWatch as big a hit in Germany as its predecessor, BayWatch?

  8. Jesspond said,

    You CAN get the car fixed (provided you can afford to do that and want to)…normally they give you a salvage title and then you fix it and have it inspected by the state patrol, then they can add it back on for full coverage. Liability only, though, needs no inspection or anything.
    The carseat is usually covered under a homeowner’s policy, but I’m sure your deductible is more than the $300 claim.
    (Hubby and I are insurance agents.)
    I hope they can just find the other driver.
    So sorry. What a crappy situation. It just sucks. Good luck for this cycle!

  9. Krista said,

    I am so hopeful for you this cycle. It feels right. THis accident just keeps getting worse and worse. I really hope the police come up with the driver, if not, I would give that info to the insurance agents and see if they will track them down.

  10. Smarshyboy said,

    Hi Erin,
    This is my first time at your blog. Your accident sounds awful, I’m so glad you were all ok. That kid of thing freaks me out. If they find that guy, will they charge him?
    Maybe if you get a BFP you can call the baby “Crash”. I’ll be checking in on you. Good luck!

  11. Meepers said,

    Also glad you’re all ok! I agree with Jesspond’s comment – (5.5 years in the trenches of insurance) – your homeowners’ insurance can go up now by some INSANE percentage for having one (1) claim…ie a carseat as “personal property”. Gag! They are, umm, extremely unlikely to find the other driver.
    Although this has been said: What are the chances of selling/trading in the Jag for 2 cars? Yucky I know, but…thought I’d ask.

  12. Rachel said,

    I’m taking the cheesy-optimistic route and just hoping that this cycle worked out and you won’t need to worry about deciding between car & baby. Or that they find the guy who hit you, his insurance pays and the cycle worked.
    Either way, I’m hoping that SpotWatch continues spot-free.

  13. flygirl said,

    When it rains it pours huh?
    Crossing fingers that everything works out. In all departments!

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