October 28, 2006

“I love you, Sweet Pea Mama”

Posted in Ramblings o' P at 9:10 pm by Erin

P apparently picked up on the fact that I was pretty down the other day.  I’ve been calling him Sweet Pea since minutes after he was born; I don’t think they’d even weighed him yet before I started calling him that.  When I say "I love you, Sweet Pea", he normally just replies "I love you, Mama".

It makes my heart melt.  I could hear it a million times a day and never tire of it.

Friday, I woke him up to get him ready for his day.  As I was nuzzling his sleepy and soft cheek, I said, "I love you, Sweet Pea."  He replied, "I love you, Sweet Pea Mama."  Then he giggled, clearly impressed with his own cleverness.

I’ve been floating on Cloud 9 since then.



  1. jennie said,

    What a little doll. That’s the kind of stuff that makes all the trying worth while. Your story reminds me of what the goal is that I’m doing all this for.
    Do you have the book “Little Pea” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal? My husband found it a little while ago when we were buying a book for my niece. We ended up getting it and putting it away.
    It is a really cute book and the illustrations are so sweet. It’s about a little pea and he has to eat candy for dinner and hates it then he gets excited that he gets spinach for dessert.
    Here’s the link for it on Amazon (if the link works):

  2. Krista said,

    ahhh…… I love that story!

  3. Courtney said,

    Oh Erin! P is just so special and that is such a sweet, sweet moment!
    I have been out of town the past two weeks (back in your neck of the woods actually)–we were visiting family and everyone got sick. Hence the one week trip becoming two weeks and no chance to visit friends OR be online. I am so sorry to hear about the rough twists of late–the hit and run and all its ramifications and the outcome of the IUI.
    I think of you daily. Before Amanda and I became moms, I used to always use the analogy of Frodo and Sam on their journey to Mount Doom. It was a wearying struggly, but they DID make it and it was worth the arduous and painful journey. Now, if you are not a LOTR geek like I, well that was useless. But I guess my point just is that I am rooting you on in this tough part and hope you are getting close to a wonderful resolution (that eagle rescue and celebration, if you can hang with me and the LOTR stuff. And if you are there and have the DVD, replay Sam’s pep talk to Frodo about how all the best stories have struggles and mean something).
    It was 6 years and 6 procedures to get to Micah. And the joy I have had every day since he arrived has truly filled my heart to overflowing. I had to believe it WOULD be like that when I was in the midst of the wait and full of so many uncertainties and doubts and questions…but it was hard to hold on to that hope. And yet, I couldn’t even begin to dream how much the joy of Micah would eclipse the past and that I wouldn’t change a thing to get to THIS baby.
    I know you had a rough time conceiving P and now it’s even more grueling and heart-wrenching in this new venue of challenges for his sibling. You encouraged me so much during my years to get to Micah and I don’t always feel like I have the right words to encourage you now. I just hope that your happy beginning is coming soon…and I send you so much love and hope and overflowing wishes for stamina in this waiting time. The unknown and setbacks ARE so hard and it can feel so dark and wearying.
    I send much love to you Sweet Pea Friend.

  4. flygirl said,

    That is so awesome. I love it!

  5. k #2 said,

    Oh sweet. I can’t wait to hear my little one just say Momma!

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