February 15, 2007

Turning red for Valentine’s Day

Posted in Pure weirdness at 9:17 am by Erin

I like being a teacher most of the time (grading millions of poorly-written lab reports notwithstanding…why can’t kids these day learn to write a grammatically proper sentence?).  It’s very rewarding to have students understand something that made no sense to them an hour earlier, and to listen to them talk intelligently about biotechnologies and the ethical issues surrounding them.

About two weeks ago, I went to get the oil changed in my car.  I dropped it off and P and I walked to the nearby T@rget (where I promptly purchased the aforementioned dino set for him–he already had the little dino/mother/egg sets).  We returned and I got into line to pay, only to be told that Mark (not his real name) had taken care of it and I was ready to go.  I asked if I could meet Mark and thank him–it turned out that Mark was a student of mine from last semester who is in management there!  Very nice of him, and an unexpected perk of teaching at the college level.

But then there are other times.  I wanted to buy a special lingerie set for Valentine’s Day.  I haven’t bought anything like it since before P was born, so I decided it was time.  So I went to Vict*ria’s S*cret and it turns out that they have this collection of new and slightly more risque lingerie.  I bought a little cami top and some panties to go with it (um, those of you who know me in person can forget that you ever read that part).  I was blithely standing in line to pay when I felt eyes upon me.  It was the cashier–a current student of mine.

It was too late to turn around and leave, too late to find some full-length white flannel nightgown with a high-buttoned neck.  So we toughed it out and she sold me a sheer, pink, peek-a-boo cami top with small lacy panties that I later wore to seduce my husband.  She was very professional about it and didn’t say anything at all to indicate that she knew me–I would almost think that it was my student’s identical twin except that I think she turned pinker than the cami and never made eye contact with me.  And tonight we have to face each other in class.

J laughed about it when I told him and reminded me that she’s never going to be able to look at me without picturing me in the pink cami with nipple slits.

I wonder if I can resign before 5:30 tonight?



  1. DD said,

    Yep, I would die. Or ask for a gift bag and make it seem like it was for someone else. Of course, that has it’s own set of problems.

  2. SaraS-P said,

    This is not nearly as embarassing, but last semester a student of mine spotted me in Lane Bryant and told the whole class about it. Luckily, I had not been to the lingerie section (though I thought of it).
    I wish some of my students would “take care” of my bills. I did once get a free muffin in the campus coffee shop, though, from a student worker who had just taken my final and pronounced it “easy.”

  3. May said,

    These days I seem to run into my students all over the place. I usually can’t manage to place them outside of the classroom, though, which is also quite embarassing. Nothing approaching the cami with nipple slits, though. You win. You so win.

  4. Jesspond said,

    Hahahaha! That was so good that I shared it with my husband.
    I love it.

  5. art-sweet said,

    I’m laughing with you. Really, I am.
    (gives up and starts rolling on the floor with laughter)

  6. lucKy #2 said,

    What are the odds of that happening? Too funny…at least it was a female working there and not a male student!

  7. Ellen K. said,

    I’m pretty sure that I bought the same pink sheer set at VS last week. It was a very useful 1 ounce of clothing.

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