February 23, 2007

It was a nice thought

Posted in The musings of Erin at 7:08 am by Erin

We did get our homestudy packet out the other day–it’s possible we’ll have a social worker assigned to us by the beginning of next week!  OK, onto why I’m really posting.

J got me house-cleaning services for my birthday–and it was wonderful.  Every other week for 20 weeks, a woman would come and clean my house.  J even scheduled it to happen on Saturday mornings so that I would be at synagogue when they came, which meant that he would be the one there to do the straightening up as they cleaned.  My house was cleaned by an entire crew of on January 13, and it sparkled.  It was cleaned again on January 27, and every surface was as shiny as a new penny.

February 10, she was supposed to come again.  She called and said she had to go out of town and would come the next weekend.  OK, not a big deal.  We didn’t have anything pressing, so I could do some of the cleaning in the meantime.  This past Saturday, she called at 8 a.m.  (Cleaning was scheduled for 10 a.m.)  Since we didn’t answer the phone, she assumed we weren’t home and didn’t bother to show up.  This upsets me because why does she care if we’re home at 8 a.m.?  She had an appointment time scheduled.  As it turns out, we were home, but J didn’t hear his phone–we have no landline, only our cell phones.

J finally talked to her that evening, and she was going to come on Sunday sometime.  She would call to give us a time.  OK, fine, though I was starting to get upset.  At this point, I’m very concerned about her reliability.  Guess who called on Sunday at about 7 p.m.?  Oh sorry, she can’t be there, she’s moving and has a million things to do.  Now I’m supremely pissed.  She hasn’t been there in three weeks.  The house is a mess because I kept thinking someone would be coming to clean, and I didn’t want us to be paying someone to clean if I’d just done it.  My parents are coming for a visit, it’s the end of the weekend, I’ve got a million things to do this week because anything I would normally do over the next weekend have to be done before my parents get here, and the house is an absolute wreck.

OK, now she’s supposed to come on Thursday.  J’s going to meet her at the house and it will be clean by the time I get home from work at 7:30 p.m.  I tell him that if it’s not spotless, she’s fired.  He assures me that if she doesn’t show up, he’ll clean the house. 

Guess who never called to confirm the appointment?  Guess whose phone number has been disconnected?  Guess who’s fired?

And then, guess whose husband had a pile of work to do last night and decided that he had to go back to his office right after she got home, leaving her with a disgusting house, a child who needed to eat dinner, get a bath, and be put to bed, and a pile of work that she’d planned on doing last night?  Guess who had slept in a little yesterday morning because she figured she could get on the treadmill after P went to bed?

Now, guess who only got part of her work done at home last night, who didn’t get on the treadmill yesterday, who spent nearly 3 hours cleaning just the kitchen, bathrooms, and family room of the house (until almost 2 a.m.), who got up this morning after 6 (because I slept in…strangely, I was tired) and immediately got back to work cleaning upstairs and making up the guest bedroom (which is where P normally sleeps), who then had to move half of P’s stuff back into the nursery and make the bed in there so he can sleep there while my parents are here, who didn’t get on the treadmill this morning (making the third time this week, and I’ve spent the last month missing no more than 1 day per week…damnit, I was doing so well), whose house STILL needs to be vacuumed, and whose parents will be there before I get home from work today (leaving me with no way to vacuum before they get there).

And guess who, since her ex-cleaning lady absconded with 10 cleanings worth of money after only 2 cleanings, won’t be able to afford to hire someone new for the rest of the semester?  Guess whose stress level just went way the hell up?

Damnit, J did this because our biggest arguments are about how he never helps with the housework and that it stresses me out to work as much as he does but still be responsible for 95+% of the housework.  The stress of having to clean almost a month’s worth of dirt out of my house last night after 11 p.m. without J even there to help me was insane.  The idea that I’ve got to go back to fighting with him about housework (starting last night) is enough to make me break down.

I’m now working on just over 4 hours of sleep, I have a midterm to write, and a class to teach in an hour.  And my parents will be waiting at my house by the time I get home at 12:30.  I really wanted to be able to enjoy this visit with them–they’re only here until Monday morning–but I’m so stressed out now that I don’t know how I’ll calm down.



  1. Krista said,

    Oh Shit Erin that really sucks!
    Try not to stress too much about your parents visit. Hopefully they know you well enough not to judge you on the fact that your floors haven’t been recently vacuumed.
    About the cleaning lady, is she registered or is her company registered? I would most certainly be trying to get my money back. Any way this is possible?

  2. flygirl said,

    Oh Erin. I hope that it gets better from here. What lousy luck.
    Try to enjoy your weekend.

  3. Jesspond said,

    Ugh, that sucks!
    I hope you can figure a way to get another person to come clean, one who isn’t very pricy but is reliable (hey, a girl can hope, right?).
    Hope you enjoy your parents’ visit!

  4. GZ said,

    Hold on Erin…I’m packing up my scrub brushes and Pine Sol right now, coming just as fast as I can run. (So, not at all.)
    Sorry about your cleaning lady. And I would apologize about your husband, but I’m not entirely sure thats appropriate. Although, if it makes you feel any better, my husband very rarely cleans…and when he does, it usually involves taking an orbital sander to the bath tub…(I’m not making that up.)

  5. My Reality said,

    That sucks, Erin. I hope you can find some way to get a hold of the woman and get your money back.
    Enjoy your weekend with your parents.

  6. elizabeth said,

    Ugh! That sucks! At least, if it makes you feel any better, you probably got enough of a workout cleaning that it makes up for a treadmill session. Or at least that’s what I tell myself…I don’t use the treadmill on Saturdays because that’s the day I spend the morning cleaning.

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