February 11, 2008

Some good news again!

Posted in All ahead to adoption at 9:52 am by Erin

It’s like it’s raining good news around here 😉  I talked to the director of adoption programs at our agency and he said that P would definitely be able to stay with us in the guest house.  He said that people have taken advantage in the past by trying to fit 6 or more people into a single room, and not paying any more for food and other services.  I told him we’d be perfectly happy to pay more for room/board costs for P, but he said he has a 4-year-old also and that’s not a problem, though he did appreciate it.  He said they’re going to re-write the policies to be more clear and different than they are now.  I’ll be interested to see what it says…assuming that we get it!

On the other hand, we still haven’t heard a single word about travel yet.  I understand that 10 birth certificates came in on Friday.  I have heard rumors that 1-2 of those families is traveling on 2-21 and the others are traveling on 2-28.  That would be us.  I hope.  But we haven’t heard, and I’m getting nervous.  That means we leave in 16 days.  We need to make airline reservations (and Ethiopian Airlines is having a buy-1-ticket, get-1-free sale right now, so we’d like to make those right away).  We need to arrange daycare and also need back-up plans in case K has giardia or ringworm, or something else with which they won’t necessarily let him attend right away.  J still needs another vaccination.  It feels completely overwhelming without any solid information right now!  If we had a date, I could start making plans.  As it is, I can’t do anything until we know for certain.

I’ve both called and e-mailed Ms. IU today, both times thanking her for working out the guest house arrangements with the program director and also for the rapid birth certificate processing.  I said we were really excited and were hoping to travel with the group on the 28th.  Unsurprisingly, I haven’t heard back.  So I also e-mailed another person at our agency, asking her if she had that information.  She didn’t but copied Ms. IU on the e-mail reply to let her know that I was anxiously waiting for that information.  Odd that others can get back to e-mails in less than an hour, but Ms. IU can’t manage to return a phone message or an e-mail which were left almost 4 hours ago.  Normally 4 hours wouldn’t be a problem, but there is a pretty significant time issue here!

Will keep you posted!



  1. Mary said,

    Wow!! Thanks for the update E! I’m so happy things are starting to settle down for you guys with the arrangements. Here’s hoping you hear back ASAP.

  2. Eva said,

    I live in Atlanta and can recommend a great daycare provider who has room and is really flexible (no idea where you are, though).

  3. My Reality said,

    I hope the good news keeps coming!

  4. Dawn said,

    YAYAYAYAY!!! 16 days Erin??! Your boy is coming home!! I hope you hear SUPER SOON that you are indeed able to travel on the 28th. And so glad P can stay with you guys as planned.

  5. SaraS-P said,

    Wow! You have a sort of due date! It could be soooo close! Exciting!

  6. Amy said,

    Yay!!!! I keep refreshing to see if you have received your confirmed travel dates!!! I’m so excited for you:)

  7. sky girl said,

    I can hardly wait for updates!!

  8. Endobaby said,

    Sorry I haven’t been able to check up on you recently – due to my endo lap surgery last week.
    I am SO happy for you! By March you might be with your little bubba – and that only next month!!!! =)

  9. Krista said,

    I love seeing your blog light up on my bloglines, I know how close this is and I am so excited for you!

  10. jesspond said,

    I hope they get back to you soon!!

  11. Samantha said,

    I’m glad that you’ll be able to stay in the guest house after all. Now they need to get back with you about those travel dates!

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