February 18, 2008

How about that?

Posted in All ahead to adoption at 8:57 am by Erin

Strangely, I’ve been rather busy lately.  Apparently, two weeks notice to go and pick up a second son + work (normal + the whole cheating issue) + family + outside activities = very little downtime.  Who knew?

I think I need a list for everything now.  I mean everything.  Take today, for example.  I had to be in early to deal with the second of two students who are being charged with academic dishonesty for passing on test questions; normally, I don’t get in until around noon on Mondays.  As I was driving to work this morning, I heard a traffic report saying that traffic was lighter than normal due to the President’s Day holiday.

Well, crap.  P doesn’t have school on President’s Day.  J and I had figured that I would have him in the morning and then J would have him in the afternoon (ah, the beauty of flexible schedules, at least J’s–mine is flexible when I choose it, but set in stone after that point).  Mind you, that all hinged on at least one of us remembering that this morning.  Didn’t happen.  I eventually got in touch with J as he was on the way to school with P, and he said that he’s fine with just running to work to get his laptop so he can work at home, and that I should stick around here and get extra work done.  SOLD!  But that’s the kind of thing I’m forgetting right now.

I feel flighty, like I can’t hold onto a thought.  It also seems surreal–how could this finally be happening?  It can’t possibly be really happening.  It’s been such a long, long wait for this little boy–years of waiting, although we didn’t know what or who we were waiting for at first.  And next week I will be meeting him.  I can’t even picture that meeting.  It just seems like a dream.



  1. Jitters said,

    HOw can you even function? I am losing my mind thinking about meeting my still unidentified child??
    I am so excited to hear about your meeting that it makes me giddy. Are you going to post in ET?
    OMG – this is all happening so very soon!!!!!

  2. jesspond said,

    I’m SO excited about this!! It’s SOOO close now!
    ARE you going to post on your trip?? OH, say you ARE!! Say you are!!
    (I think you may have to get used to the list thing. I can’t remember anything since we’ve had the two of them.)

  3. Ellen K. said,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog & letting me know that you have your travel date! Congratulations!

  4. My Reality said,

    If a list works, use it!

  5. DD said,

    It must be the equivolent of “pregnancy brain”…
    Ah, hell, I think it’s just called being so damn giddy from the possibilities that your brain just feels like it’s on overdrive!
    I’d like to get M something (and P). Is P still into dinosaurs? Maybe I can get Jitters involved? Jitters?

  6. beagle said,

    Just think of the lists as extra RAM.

  7. Blondie said,

    So happy to hear your wonderful news about your travel date. 🙂 Use your time wisely to help you be prepared for the trip. I would definitely use the list – and prioritise everything. It takes a little time to organise but awesome time saver in the end.

  8. lucky2 said,

    Who blames you for being a bit unfocused. You have a new son to add to your family soon! I would be going crazy with anticipation.

  9. I’m absolutely thrilled that you get to meet your son so soon.
    Of course you are distracted… it’s one of the biggest events of your life!

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