March 20, 2008

Just need to whine–but there are pictures to make it worth your while!

Posted in The musings of Erin at 7:08 pm by Erin

Must whine about a student.  Forgive me and feel free to skip to the pictures at the end.

I have a student who didn’t do well on the previous test, and told me that it was because she had a horrible migraine–and that she gets them almost every time after her clinic days (she’s in a medical assisting-type program and spends two mornings a week in the clinic, as do all of the other 30+ students in my class).  One of her clinic days is the same day as our class.  I was sympathetic last time, because I also get migraines, although her test grade remained the same.

She also complained about people coming up to ask me questions during the test, about which I was less sympathetic.  I am not about to tell my students that they can’t ask questions to clarify the test material.

Anyway, she e-mailed me this morning to explain that she had had a migraine last night and took her medicine, which left her unable to drive to school today.  She wanted to know about another option to take the test.  I told her that the only option was to come in and take it tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.  She e-mailed me back and (suddenly) it’s that she has a fever and maybe the flu, and will be going to the doctor tomorrow, and can she have another option–maybe Monday before her class at 1 p.m.

At this point, I was annoyed.  I had already suspected that this student was pulling something, but it was semi-confirmed by another student after class.  The other student explained that she’d been sick earlier in the week and missed clinic, and this student asked what they did when she missed it.  The other student said "Nothing, I was sick."  (The other student thought that I should know, because she didn’t think it was fair that this student was getting more time to study.)  Her previous reason–the medicine–wouldn’t have been a reason she couldn’t come in tomorrow, so all of a sudden, she has the flu.  Uh huh.  Sure.

I e-mailed her back and explained that Monday was not acceptable, that she could take it tomorrow morning or not at all.  I also asked her to let me know, because I am not normally in on Fridays and I will be making a special trip to give her the test.  She replied that her fever would probably last until tomorrow and she might not be able to drive, but if she could be there, then she would.

So tomorrow, there are two possibilities: I will make the trip, she will show up, and she will take the test.  Or I will make the trip, she will not show up, she will get a 0 on the test and fail the class (a 0 on this test would put her numerically incapable of passing), and she will be kicked out of the program–they don’t get a second chance if they fail a class.

Either way, I’m really annoyed that I have to drive over an hour round-trip to give this exam, particularly so because it means I have to drop K off at daycare quite a bit earlier than I would otherwise on the same day as both my interview and my ILs getting here.  If she doesn’t show up, I will have no pity in giving her a 0…though I will have to talk to the department chair about it because of the implications.

*sigh* OK, I’m done complaining.  Thanks for putting up with it.

The reward?


Ethiopia_2_149 (The spot is where he drooled on the pillow–teething is fun.)



  1. Eva said,

    I hate situations like that. But I guess I am less lenient about this kind of thing (I always get in trouble for it). No way someone else can give the test? There’s got to be someone else sitting around in the office. Oh well. Great pics!

  2. My Reality said,

    I hate to be lied to, more than just about anything. If it were me, and I knew I was being lied to, I would hope she didn’t show so I could give her a 0. This is probably why I am not a teacher of anykind, I am a little too spiteful. 🙂
    K is absolutely adorable. I just want to snuggle up with him!

  3. I think what you are doing is fair (except for all the driving on your part).
    For my students, anything with an official doctor’s note explaining the condition, with the dates, “excuses” them from what they missed that day. I figure if the student is ill enough to miss class, she is probably ill enough to see a doctor & document the situation. If she can’t, well, that’s what the Dean’s office is for.
    I think my students don’t have a very good understanding of the fact that I’m not just sitting in my office all day every day. Sounds like your students don’t recognize how much they are imposing (or worse, they don’t care). grrrr….
    Is your interview still today? GOOD LUCK!!!!

  4. electriclady said,

    Ugh, nothing to add on the annoying student. But K is beautiful and GOOD LUCK ON YOUR INTERVIEW!

  5. jesspond said,

    Ugh, that student (I almost typed “stupid” hahaha!) sounds really annoying.
    CUTE pics!! He really is a sweetie. How about an update of how things are going bonding-wise and how you all are adjusting? Or more pics, that would be ok too!!

  6. Sharona said,

    *sigh* what a beautiful little boy!

  7. DinoD said,

    Ah… students….ah… mean they actually lie?
    Your little boy is absolutely beautiful (I’ll use handsome when he’s older)

  8. Courtney said,

    Hope the interview went/goes great!!!
    Hope the student showed up, but am sorry for the whole annoying debacle.
    And hope that your visit with the in-laws goes beautifully. Seriously, every now and then, a stressful relative can surprise the heck out of you and THIS would be a great time for that kind of surprise. Hoping they’ll be pitch perfect as supportive and sensitive parents/grandparents. But short of that, your 3 days and counting mantra is helpful!
    Thanks for the additional posting of pictures–he’s a beautiful wonder!

  9. Dianne said,

    Ugh. She is not making your life easy. And I would hate feeling taken advantage of. Good for you for sticking to your guns.
    Photos…K is just too cute for words.

  10. Jitters/Enat said,

    Stupid students. You and my M. could share stories. When I hear of some of them I am seriously worried for out future.
    Now, to the pic’s. Absolutely gorgeous little man. I cannot WAIT to hear more about your trip and see more pictures! I will be picking your brain about so many things in the months to come.
    Did I see a comment on the forum from you that stated something along the lines of “when we do this again…” today?

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