November 30, 2008

We’ll be back after these short messages!

Posted in The musings of Erin at 9:18 pm by Erin

The end of Thanksgiving break heralds the busiest weeks of the semester for me.  The last week of classes, with the assorted papers and assignments and tests that are all being done, and final exams.  Plus my choir concerts and P's birthday/birthday party.

We had a great time at Thanksgiving with J's parents.  Seriously.  Why are you looking at me like that?  I swear I can have fun with them. 

I only had to bite my tongue a few times.  I'll tell you about most of them later, but the worst example occurred the first night: We were playing Apples to Apples with J's parents, his cousin, her husband, and their two kids.  I had never met the cousin and her family before, but she mentioned that she felt like she knew me already because they've read my family blog. 

For those who have never played Apples to Apples: the first card that's thrown has an adjective on it.  Each player has a handful of noun cards–people, things, places, random objects.  Everyone except the judge chooses the card they think is best described by the card that was thrown, then the judge chooses the winner.  In our game, the first card thrown read "Offensive".  All the cards were thrown in and the judge that round was going through them.  One of the ones put in was "Democrats", and J's cousin's husband pipes up with "I couldn't think of anything more offensive!"

Mind you, if they read my family blog, then they know I'm a Democrat.  And I only bit my tongue halfway off.  I was impressed with my self-restraint.

So I'm off to finish the semester and hopefully regain my health.  Have I mentioned that, since the walking pneumonia (10 days of antibiotics), I've also had a sinus infection (10 days of antibiotics) and now have bacterial pinkeye (5 days of antibiotic eyedrops)?  J thinks the walking pneumonia killed my immune system and I can't disagree with him.  He expressed the hope that none of my students come in with the flu in the next two weeks.

Me too, love.  Me too.



  1. JessPond said,

    Ewww to all the crap you have had! But yay antibiotics? I think your immune system theory is probably spot on.
    I’m glad you didn’t off anyone at Thanksgiving. It’s just not festive. 🙂

  2. Jenn said,

    You just described every holiday game at my parents and in-laws. I don’t play them anymore. 😉
    My Dr. told me the same thing J. told you. I had Bronchitis, then pneumonia, followed by the ever lovely sinus infection and a bout with gastroenteritis. I love winter! I think we should get a pass for the nest year, no more illnesses!

  3. emily said,

    I’d probably say the same thing about Republicans….

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