December 31, 2008

I’m doing it again with the resolutions

Posted in The musings of Erin at 3:14 pm by Erin

Last year I made some resolutions, and I think I did pretty well with them.  The environmental stuff, check.  I am happy with what I've done for this year, and have some new things planned for next year.  The organization…not quite as good as I was hoping, but somewhat better considering I had a second child for most of the year.  The exercise.  Um, yeah, forget about that one.  I was doing really well with jogging until I got that whole pneumonia thing in September, and that killed it.  By the time I was over that and the sinus infection that soon followed it, it was too cold for me to jog without triggering my asthma.  But we got a Wii for Hanukkah (J is the best husband ever, have I mentioned that?) and I'm going to get a Wii Fit as soon as I can find one.  I'm really excited about it.

So this year, I have several resolutions:

1) More blogging!  2009 promises to be a busy year for us in terms of building our family.  We're tentatively planning to do IVF in August, unless some miracle pregnancy happens before then.  (And without the miscarriage this time, thank you very much.)  If it works, fabulous.  If not, we're planning on starting the paperwork for adopting siblings from Ethiopia in November, right when K turns 3.  And if the IVF works, we'll push off starting the paperwork for the siblings until 2010–but it is definitely in the future.

2) An actual vacation without the kids/second honeymoon.  Our 10th anniversary is coming up in June, and it sometimes felt like we would never get here.  Although I haven't been talking about it here, we've been seeing a marriage counselor for several months and it has been doing a lot of good for us.  We've already asked my ILs to come out and watch the kids for 5 days or a week while we go on a trip.  Right now I'm thinking Costa Rica, although it will be hot, but I'm open to suggestions (which reminds me, I need to get my passport renewed).  J likes to do stuff while on vacation–he really can't do the beach for more than a day or two because he gets bored.  Suggestions?

3) Trying the organization thing again.  I think I need more motivation to keep organized.  Remind me how great it is to be organized!

OK, I'm limiting it to 3 again.  What are yours?



  1. sky girl said,

    I’m impressed. I gave up resolutions a few years ago. Good luck with yours though!

  2. irshlas said,

    Nacation suggestions? Couples resorts in Jamaica.. there isn’t a bad resort… San Soucci, Tower Isle, Negril…. they’re all reportedly fabulous. We’re going in March for our fifth anniversary. Friends ahve raved every year. (lolol – and no I don’t work for them. I’m just passing along info from my research on the same topic šŸ™‚
    Resolutions? It WAS to be more patient with the little man. Who promptly woke up at 4am crying and I yelled at him… could it have been the lack of sleep and abundance of champagne? Wow.. I made it four yours… way to go, Mommy!

  3. Thalia Blogs said,

    Hey, I got a Wii for Chanukah, too! Lucky both of us. What are you going to try first?
    Re your family building, I am impressed. Do you have a sense of how big you’d like your family to be, eventually, or are you just building until it feels right? And why siblings from Ethiopia this time?

  4. JessPond said,

    No resolutions here. lol
    Suggestion! I know it’s far far far but The Big Island of Hawaii is like the SHIZNIT for doing things. You can do beaches, you can do orchid gardens, you can hike, you can SKI (yes, ski), you can check out a volcano, you can do the national parks, you can swin in waterfalls, go horseback riding, snorkel, parasail…it’s FABULOUS.
    Just that it’s so far. Very very far. And thereofre expensive.
    But! Cool! šŸ™‚
    Your plans are AMBITIOUS! GOOD LUCK and happy 2009!!

  5. My Reality said,

    I would like to try and get my house more organized, but I have been saying that for years, so I guess I don’t really have any resolutions!
    Happy New Year!

  6. Jenn said,

    Ahh… resolutions. Here are mine.
    1. Lose some weight by June 30th. My brother is getting married and I rather not be scary looking. šŸ™‚
    2. Actually commit to going to the RE this year. We’ve been discussing it, and I think now is the time… it’s been 4 years of trying.
    3. To actually start my blog… you guys are intimidating!
    I don’t ask much myself, do I? LOL

  7. anymommy said,

    What a big year, I’m so excited for you. I’m completely with you on number two. It’s our tenth anniversary in May and I’ve already begged my mom to come out and watch the kids. We’re going to get five whole days to ourselves!

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