April 15, 2009

Strep throat

Posted in The musings of Erin at 7:58 am by Erin

Urgh.  I had forgotten how miserable strep throat is.  I spent all day yesterday either exhausted or feeling like I'd been hit by a bus, or both.  I didn't remember all the achiness that went with strep.  I had a fever most of the day.  Ty.lenol took care of the fever and a lot of the achiness, thankfully.  I went to the dr first thing this morning to get my antibiotics and hope to be feeling much better soon.

According to the PA, my throat "looks horrible.  Horrible, horrible, horrible."  And that's a direct quote.

Later, I will take the kids to the dr since they're both complaining, and J will go to the dr.  Maybe then our family will be less grumpy.



  1. Ugh. Strep throat sucks. I had it every three weeks for my entire second grade year. I would take my course of antibiotics and get over it and then a week later, I’d be sick again. I think I spent more of that school year at home than at school…
    Sorry you’re feeling so rotten.

  2. sky said,

    Ug. Poor you.

  3. Jenn said,

    Ugh. Strep throat is horrible. I hope everyone feels better soon. 🙂

  4. JessPond said,

    Oh no, that sounds like a lot of ick. Feel better soon!!

  5. My Reality said,

    Ick. I hope you are all strep free soon!

  6. amanda said,

    I hope everyone feels better soon!

  7. Dana said,

    5 times it has cycled through our house in the past 8 weeks! I have been the lucky recipient twice. It SUCKS!

  8. M said,

    You poor love – hope you’re feeling better soon. If not, go get some of the ‘good’ drugs, at least they’ll make you forget how crappy you feel! x

  9. anymommy said,

    Yuck. Feel better soon.

  10. ENT doctor said,

    Hope your fine now.I think you need a antibiotic.

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