May 11, 2009

Hope you all had a nice Mother’s Day

Posted in Momming at 11:09 am by Erin

Because mine sucked, for various reasons (in no particular order):

1. Finding out that my favorite aunt has cancer.

2. Recovering from Saturday's migraine, which always leaves me feeling fuzzy-headed.

3. J being gone for 5 days and not getting home until last night (read as: the 5th day in a row that I was home alone with both kids).

4. Having a HUGE fight with J after the kids went to bed.

5. Finals' week.

I have to say that Friday was a much better Mother's Day.  P's class had muffins and juice for moms as they came to drop off the kids, and both kids brought home the Mother's Day gifts they made in school, which were adorable.  I am a sucker for little picture frames with their names on them and paper flowers.  Can't help it.  So I'm choosing Friday as my Mother's Day, and forgetting that yesterday ever happened.



  1. Jennifer said,

    I vote for Friday too-the rest of the weekend sucked. If it helps, pretty much the same routine for me too. Maybe we should just run away and let the hubs fend for themselves….

  2. Betty M said,

    Ohh, I am glad Friday was good but sorry about 1 to 5.

  3. I’m sorry that Sunday sucked. But glad that you had a Friday to call Mother’s Day instead.
    (We fought a little too much on Mother’s Day too… fwiw)

  4. Christy said,

    i’m so sorry – that really does sound like a dreadful day!

  5. JessPond said,

    I’m sorry about yesterday…but Fri sounds fabulous!!
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. JJ said,

    Well crap. Sorry it was a bust…still wishing you a happy belated Mother’s Day–cause I know you are a fabuloso mother!

  7. DD said,

    Mother’s Day, Schmother’s Day…
    Remember, you can use whatever J said to you against him later. That’s what we wives do, and dammit, we’re good at it.

  8. Becky said,

    What a horrible Mother’s day. I’m so sorry. I hate that holiday with a passion and I’m always happy to see the tail end of that day.
    I’m sorry yours sucked so badly.

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