May 18, 2009


Posted in TTC woes at 7:29 am by Erin

Yesterday, J and I discussed doing IVF this summer.  I said that I would call today and make an appointment with our RE to figure out the plan.  I mentioned that we probably wouldn't be able to get an appointment for a couple of weeks.

I thought about it once or twice yesterday, but that was it.

This morning, I forgot about it until I logged onto Bloglines and saw a mention of IVF.  My hands started to shake.  I called my clinic before I could think about it too much.  My hands shook some more.  I chatted with the scheduler and she said "I know this is really soon, but he had a cancellation.  Can you come in tomorrow at 3 p.m.?"

"Sure, that would be great," I said.

Now my entire body is shaking, and I'm not sure if I'm excited or terrified.



  1. Eva said,

    Oof. Well, best wishes!

  2. Dana said,

    God plans it all

  3. Jenn said,

    Good luck! Everything works out for a reason, and this is no different! 🙂

  4. JessPond said,

    Terrified/excited, eh, what’s the difference?
    Say the lady who can’t seem to jump on her FET.
    Good luck!!

  5. Rebel said,

    Terrifying Excitement….. Go for it sweetie!!!

  6. lucky2 said,

    Wow — all the better to get it in quickly so you can’t dwell on it before hand. Wow. Exciting & scary at the same time!

  7. My Reality said,

    Good luck with the consult!
    I think getting the appointment over and done with is much better than sitting around waiting for it.

  8. Calliope said,

    awesome timing! Hope the consult helps fill in the gaps between the nerves and the angst.

  9. Brea said,

    Wow, that’s huge! No wonder you feel excited and nervous. Praying for you!

  10. Hope the consult went well.

  11. Betty M said,

    Both I expect. Probably a good thing you didn’t have months to dwell on it. Hope the appt went well.

  12. Courtney said,

    Oh. My. Goodness! So I log on to see if you have posted and, yes, you most certainly have posted. Wow. Eager to hear more. (Did you see Dr. Wonderful?)

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