June 13, 2009

Father’s Day is next week

Posted in The musings of Erin at 9:35 am by Erin

J and I got married on Father's Day in 1999, so Father's Day holds a special meaning for me.  I will always remember my dad on Father's Day 1999: fixing his tie in the hallway of my parents' house before we went to the ceremony, seeing his expression of me in my wedding dress.  I went to the ceremony in the limo with my bridesmaids, but my aunt told me that my dad spent the entire drive to the ceremony crying.  My dad doesn't cry but I have pictures of him tearing up at the ceremony.  I danced with my dad to "Unforgettable" on Father's Day 1999, though during the dance I told him that I'd hoped to be able to have "Unforgettable" morph into "Go go, Godzilla" or "Meet the Mets".  It made him laugh.

Father's Day 2004 was our 5th anniversary, and J's first year of celebrating Father's Day with 6-month-old P.  I believe I gave J a bonsai tree for our anniversary (that he promptly killed) but have no idea what I got him for Father's Day.  I am a terrible gift-giver.  No matter how well I know the person, I cannot figure out what to get them.  So I was thrilled when I received a link for Mom Central's Father's Day Gift Guide!  They have gifts listed by price, from under $25 to over $100, and there are a huge range of gifts in each price range.  I was really happy to find lots of gifts over there that I could afford to get for J and that I think he would like 🙂

PLUS!!!  They're having a giveaway each day for a whole list of Father's Day presents.  Today, on Sunday, they're giving away 5 gifts, and they'll post more each day.

Our 10th anniversary is next Saturday, the day before Father's Day.  We're going on a trip to Costa Rica for our anniversary (not leaving until the next Tuesday) but until today, I had no idea what to get J for Father's Day.  There was extra pressure because J's father will be here for Father's Day (my ILs are coming to watch the kids while we're gone) and so we need to figure out what to get for him that he can easily transport home in his suitcase.  Having taken a look at the gift guide, though, I can already see several possibilities that we could get.

I feel very relieved that I'll be able to find gifts for J, my dad, and his dad pretty easily this year!  One less thing to worry about on top of my ILs being here, watching the kids, and leaving the kids for several days for the first time ever*.

*We've left P overnight several times with our parents, but never more than one night, and we've never left K before.  I hope it goes well!


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  1. JessPond said,

    Good luck with the overnight!!
    I am terrible at gifts too. I love to GIVE THEM but I like to be sure they’re something the person likes, and we have several who are INCREDIBLY hard to buy for!!
    Happy upcoming anniversary!

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