May 30, 2010

Yesterday was a good day altogether

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:39 am by Erin

It’s not at all hard to find good things to post about yesterday!  We went to a friend’s home for their annual Memorial day party.  They live on a lake not too far from here and we had such a fantastic time!  Lots of really nice people, kids everywhere (we were responsibile for 3 of them—ours plus one from a friend who couldn’t make it, so we brought their daughter with us), amazing food, and a gorgeous day.  We went tubing on the lake and played volleyball, they had a bouncy thing for the kids, lots of adult beverages, and a full day there.  Such a good time!

It’s also a group of friends who do not know about this blog but know that we are doing IVF this summer.  There are very few people that I’ve shared that with, but this group has several people in it who know.  The host’s kids are IVF twins—she has stage 4 endo.  The others are perfectly fertile but one’s sibling is expecting a baby after IVF#2 and the other is great about saying the right thing.  I’m so open about infertility in general but when it comes to specifics about our treatments, primarily those we’re about to do, it’s really hard for me to discuss them.  When you discuss them ahead of time, people want to know the results when they’re done.  I’m really careful to only share with those who I think will say the right things whether they turn out good or bad.

You’ll note that my parents and J’s parents don’t know 😉

So yesterday was a great day.  I start Cl.omid this morning and am hoping the good attitude will counter some of the Clomibitch effects that I usually have.  This will be the first time I’ve been on Cl.omid since P was 2 1/2.  Let’s hope my “great bloodwork” portends good things!



  1. JessPond said,

    I started clomid yesterday!

    I say, with an exclamation point, though…I’m…not….expecting anything. Like you and your 9 clomid cycles, I guess I’m kind of too realistic on this one maybe. Sure it “could” work, and if it does–scoretastic!–but….four clomid cycles, a gazillion medicated IUI’s, three IVF transfers, and one baby. Yeah. I’m not holding my breath either! 🙂

    I think our saline u/s was like in the 500-600 range. Not BAD but not GOOD either. And I sooo hear you on the u/s’s…I fight any one I can fight. Since we hadn’t been on drug since Nov, I got them to drop the start-cycle. I’ll go for the mid, though, because I have a tendancy to overstim and we don’t want quads!

    Ha..ha…ha…as if. But you know how THAT bites a person in the arse.


  2. My Reality said,

    Clomid is not my friend. It makes me crazy. Good luck and I will hope for the best.

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