June 13, 2010


Posted in Uncategorized at 10:06 pm by Erin

That’s J’s word for it, and it was done after a freaking long-ass wait at the RE’s office.  I’d never been in on a Sunday morning before and it was a pretty happening place.  But we now have 55 million swimmers on board after two days of ovary pain severe enough to have me wincing repeatedly, and bent over in pain a couple of times.  If it hurt that badly, I think I deserve to have sperm meet egg somewhere in a fallopian tube.

Damn, I really want this.



  1. JessPond said,

    I want it too. How about we get lucky, both of us?


    Thinking of you.

  2. electriclady said,

    Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…come on swimmers!

  3. I want it for you too. Here’s hoping!!

  4. Helen said,

    Hoping and praying for you.

  5. Yo-yo Mama said,

    And we’re off! 2WW, pass quickly, would’ya?

  6. Krista said,

    Good luck Erin, I really hope this works for you!

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