July 6, 2010


Posted in Uncategorized at 2:05 am by Erin

One of the things I chose to do this summer to earn extra money towards IVF was to update, write, and format questions for an anatomy textbook.  Every two weeks I’ve had a deadline to complete another section, which is usually 6-8 chapters.  The last section was due on July 1 but I completely forgot about it and missed it.

I’m hoping my rep won’t have missed it, so I’m staying up tonight to finish it.  The last chapter of anatomy textbooks is generally about pregnancy and fetal development.  And one of the sections in this chapter details development of the first eight weeks, as a week-by-week description.  I’m completely helpless to look away.  I pored over the section for the third week until I realized that I’m into the fourth week of development.    Then I got completely absorbed with the fourth week.  It talks about limb buds and ears and eyes starting to form.

Oh please, please let that be happening.  Please. 

I hope PA-L calls early tomorrow.



  1. Courtney said,

    I have been distracted all day and doing math to figure out when PA-L might get in to the clinic and check messages. I can only imagine how agonizing this prolonged wait is for you.

    I am hoping you may have heard from PA-L already or will hear very soon. I am hoping for good news for you when you see her. Reading your “Helpless” entry just about took my breath away. I want this for you so profoundly and I know it is just a minute fraction of the longing you have for this little one to be making it.

    Thinking of you,

  2. Brea said,

    Continuing to pray and hope with you, Erin. Thanks for keeping us posted!

  3. Brea said,

    Continuing to pray and hope with you, Erin.

  4. Brea said,

    Oops! Sorry about the double-post! Even though it looks repetitive, I mean it sincerely. 🙂

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