July 7, 2010

“We’ll be able to see if there’s more than one”

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:43 pm by Erin

At my u/s on Monday, according to PA-L.  This was shortly after she told me that my hCG is over 11,000.  I didn’t ask for the exact number, just stammered out something about “That sounds really high!”  I had been praying for a number over 1,000, figuring that I was at 952 with P at 21dpo and I am at 25dpo today.  She agreed and then said we could see if there are multiples on Monday.  Mind you when she said that, the first thing I said was “Don’t say that!”  I just want one, safe, healthy baby in there.

My progesterone is over 45.

Did I mention that I stopped spotting on Monday evening?  I was (am) afraid to jinx it so I didn’t say anything.  The cramping continues and is still scary, but I’m going to take solace in the extremely high beta.

And thanks to my lovely friend Emily, I now know that a) I did cramp until about 7 weeks when I was expecting P (so glad I happened to mention that to her!), and b) there is a due-date of March 5, 2011 to anticipate. 

I am so elated and scared and thrilled and worried and happy right now.  Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers and hopes.  I appreciate them more than you’ll ever know.



  1. electriclady said,

    WOOHOO!!!! I’ve been waiting for this post all day! Sounds fantastic and I’m so happy for you!

  2. Brea said,

    Wow! Sounds like you are indeed the p-word-that-shall-not-yet-be-named! 🙂 Praying and hoping with you for one healthy baby!

  3. My Reality said,

    Fantastic news!

  4. JessPond said,

    Glad they’re getting you in!! Oh boy…big big number there!

  5. Ms. C said,

    Well that sounds great!!
    Why does time just never seem to move fast enough (like now), or slow enough (like when we realize our babies are growing up)??!! Why can’t there be some happy medium!
    Thinking about you…

  6. Yo-yo Mama said,

    Eep! (And I mean that in a GOOD way!)

    If you are in the multiple kind of way, then the cramping could easily be explained by the rapidly expanding uterus since I remember cramping quite a bit in those first few weeks and having high beta numbers (and thankfully one very, very healthy and sticky embryo). Monday is forever away!

  7. Christy said,


  8. Courtney said,

    My hands are shaking…and I am crying for the happy! I know there is a lot to wonder between now and Monday BUT what you know now is a very robust beta number!

    Have been, and will continue to be praying for you!!!!!


  9. May said,

    Oh my gawd. Let’s hope that’s just ONE overachiever in there! Hooray!

  10. Betty M said,

    Eek. Definitely sounds like at least one strong one.

  11. antropologa said,

    You really have me in suspense. 🙂 Update ASAP! Congrats on the good news.

  12. rhianna said,

    Following, hoping, praying!!!!

  13. simonesmom said,

    What a beta!! And a fabulous progesterone level too. Continuing to keep my fingers crossed for you and SO excited for you!

  14. Krista said,

    YAYYYY!!! That’s awesome news and an awesome beta!

  15. Lisa said,

    That is such wonderful news Erin! So happy for you. I cramped for many, many weeks early in each of my pregnancies- I think it is completely normal and I would actually worry when I was not crampy- I always felt like AF was coming….so, completely normal 🙂

    Yay for a new baby!

  16. Courtney said,

    Wonderful news! I’m almost biting my nails in anticipation for you.

    Also, my birthday is March 5th so that’s a good day too!

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