September 22, 2010

Status: All normal

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:18 pm by Erin

I’m still around.  Can I say that it’s actually a relief not to feel quite so scared on a day-to-day basis?  I’ve finally stopped ending every sentence about the baby with “I hope” or “if it all works out” (at least out loud—they still pop into my head often).  I’m at 16w4d and getting kicked and poked all the time.  It’s the best feeling in the world.  I’m savoring every one, knowing for sure that this will be the last time that we do this.  When I was pregnant with P, I just assumed that we’d get to do it again.  This time, I know we won’t be doing it again and so I’m treasuring every little kick and punch.  I always get this goofy grin on my face and when I’m not in class, I usually say “Hi baby!”

I’m actually going to return the doppler within the next few days.  The baby moves frequently during the day.  There’s almost always some between 1 and 3 p.m., and then usually at least one more series in the evening.  In the last day or two, there’s more movement in the mornings as well.  I can pinpoint where the baby is in my uterus (it’s easily big enough to feel it as a hard lump under my hand when I press on it—right now it’s on the top right side of my uterus), and it changes location frequently even when I don’t feel it.  So I’m feeling more confident now, at least enough to return the doppler.  I’m pretty sure this baby decided that I was neurotic enough as it is and would put my mind at ease in at least one way.  Thanks, baby!

The kids are incredibly adorable about it.  K likes to know where the baby is so that he can tickle it, and he tells me that there’s a baby in his tummy that’s doing the same things mine is doing.  This morning I got kicked right when I woke up and said so to P, who had come in for a cuddle.  He said “Maybe the baby is hungry!”  Then he kept following me around while I got dressed, saying “Mama, you need to go feed the baby!” 

J is coming around to the idea of homebirth.  He said he’s read up on it a lot and wants to talk to some more people who’ve done it.  The midwife that we would use gave us several references, several of my Bradley students have homebirthed with this midwife, and I told him I can get other references from people if he wants some sources who aren’t connected to me and didn’t come from the midwife herself.  He said he doesn’t think he’ll need those.  I’ve told him that I’ll continue to do shadow-care with my current midwives, and I think that’s helping him make the decision—he knows that if I need to transfer to the hospital at any point, I’ll have full medical records and a birth team already in place.  I’ve been surprised at my own ability to step back from this one and NOT try to constantly push him on it, which I think is also helping.  I’m sure I could push him into it and he’d agree, but that would be a terrible idea in the long-run.
Mind you, if we do decide to do a homebirth, and a home waterbirth at that, the reactions from our families will surely be interesting…



  1. Courtney said,

    SO great to read an update!!!! LOVE little K telling you about the baby in his tummy doing the same thing as his little sibling. Also love the tickling. AND also love P protectively urging you to eat because he supsected Baby was hungry!!! Incredibly adorable indeed!!! Just imagine the looks on their faces when they meet baby for the first time! Awesome!!!!

    Glad Baby is so obligingly active and putting your mind to ease!!! So much so you are returning the Doppler. That is GREAT!!!!

    Love, love, love your each and every update! With teaching, two kids in school, not to mention being PREGNANT, I imagine you are busy indeed. Thanks for this blog update!!!!

    So happy for you!!!!


  2. Betty M said,

    Glad things are going so well. Interesting about the home birth I had thought those were very very unusual in the US.

  3. simonesmom said,

    If I were going to do it again and thought there were any way possible I could get my partner to agree, I’d love to try for a homebirth. I’d be lucky if I could talk her into a Midwife-run birthing center though. So hoping you get your wish.

  4. JessPond said,

    I would definitely not homebirth, but I’d also not return a doppler! 😉 I’m neurotic, but at least I own it. I say if it’s what you want to do, screw what your families might think. Whatever.

    So glad things are going so well! 🙂

  5. My Reality said,

    I am glad that things are going well and are normal. Normal and boring are the best things when it comes to pregnancy!

  6. Ms. C said,

    I’m so happy to hear that the day-to-day fears are gone. What a relief for you.
    I am all over the homebirth- for you, and for everyone! And for me too- should I get the chance to birth again. I have broached the topic with my husband, and surprisingly his only concern was about who was going to clean up all the “stuff” (placenta, blood, etc…) after the birth. I assured him that would not be part of his “job”.
    Can’t wait to hear more about the journey…

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