June 22, 2013

The eagle has landed

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I went to the doctor the other day. She confirmed that I am actually pregnant and agreed that it would be good for me to go back on Metformin for the rest of the first trimester. She also (luckily) had on record that my last period was May 8, putting me around 6 weeks pg. While I think I’m actually ovulating around d17 instead of d14, it gives me a due date of around February 12. That would put E and this baby 3 weeks shy of 3 years apart. P and K are 2 weeks shy of 3 years apart. It’s a great spread if it actually works.


So the doctor? She used a pee test to confirm. No blood test. My midwives will do that in a few weeks. And I haven’t taken another HPT since Thursday, even though I have another one in the cabinet. This is bizarre. I’m trying to be so laid back about this, unlike when I got pg with E and took a test every single day until I got a blood test, then several more times until I got my first u/s. The first u/s was right around this time, while this time I don’t even have an appt with my midwives yet. I’m sure I’ll use the last HPT on Thursday, a week after the last one, and the day that we leave for a family reunion, just to be sure. Of course, we will tell exactly no one at the reunion. I love my family dearly but if anything goes wrong, they’ve got a history of saying really hurtful and insensitive things.


I did tell two of my best girlfriends. If something does go wrong (NBHHY, NBHHY), I need some people around who can and will support me in the right ways.


Back in November, I started doing a couch-to-5K program and changed my diet somewhat. I’ve been working hard. I lost 12 lbs, my resting heart rate is down from 88 to 64, my cholesterol is back into normal ranges without any medication. I usually run 3-4 miles every other day, but do a longer run on the weekends (I ran 5 miles for the first time this morning) at a pace of about 10:30/mile. (I was supposed to do a half-marathon in November but I think that has to wait.) I’m starting this pregnancy healthier than I was at the beginning of either of the other ones that worked. I’ve just started Metformin again. All I can do now is hope and pray that this works. I didn’t even know I wanted this a week ago, and now I can’t do anything but hope for it desperately.

June 19, 2013

Did you know people can get pregnant for free?

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I thought it was some sort of rumor spread by those who didn’t want to admit using fertility help or confirm their own obsessions with mucus, temperatures, etc.

It turns out it’s true.

My period has been ridiculously regular since it came back for good last September. Every 30-31 days, it would come around with a vengeance, which was a far cry from the 7+ weeks that my cycles had been since I was 13.

When not chemically modified, of course.

Originally, I planned to get an IUD shortly after E was born. Between the time when I made the appointment and when the appointment actually happened, a space of only a couple of weeks, I had two friends with IUDs who had ectopic pregnancies. It scared me enough to not get one. With my history of PCOS and since I was (am) breastfeeding E, I wasn’t worried. Every once in a while, I’d mention that J should get a vasectomy. He never did take me seriously—it squicks him out to consider it. But recently, we had a good friend who had one and seeing him shortly afterwards has made him actually start to think about it. He’s close but not quite there yet.

I last started my period on May 5 (I think. It might have been the 7th), so I was expecting it around June 5-6-7-ish. My ILs got here on the 7th for a 10 day visit. Whee, I thought. 10 days with the ILs with my period. That sounds like a recipe for a joyous and stress-free time.

I had some spotting around June 9th, so I figured my period was about to come. But then it didn’t and, believe it or not, I didn’t really notice. It’s amazing how when you’re not actually trying, not even thinking or hoping, you can not notice things like that.

On Monday, the ILs left and I realized that my period never came. And my nipples were insanely sore (which I’d put off to E nursing rather forcefully). And last Friday, I all but fell asleep while watching a play with J. And again, there was that whole “my period is pretty late at this point” thing.

And I started to freak out. J’s had a tougher time bonding with E than with the boys. E has been a much more challenging child than either of the boys. While we’ve always wanted a fourth child, we’d planned to adopt him/her in a few years. Nothing else was on the horizon.

Until it was.

Of course I couldn’t fall back to sleep after I realized that, and I did actually confide my concern to J. He was a little taken aback but completely on board with the whole idea, whether it was real or I was just worrying about it. He was encouraging, reassuring, and said all the right things. He also supported my original plan to wait another week to test since I thought it was maybe just my cycle lengthening again.

But yesterday, I realized that the reason that I wanted to wait was that I already had my hopes up and it would suck to dash them before I had to. Plus, I haven’t been on Metformin in years and knew that I should be on it if in some way, shape, or form, I was actually pregnant.

I bought a 3-pack of tests. The checkout lady asked which was I was hoping it would go and I replied “I’m not sure.”

I took one first thing this morning. And it was +. I told J that we might need a bigger car. He said “We need to wait at least a month. When things go bad for us, that’s usually when they happen.”

Sometimes, his scars from IF sneak up on me.

But I had been kidding, so that wasn’t a problem. I have an appointment with my regular dr tomorrow to confirm and get a prescription for Metformin.

I think I’m about 6 weeks, but it could be a couple of days less than that. I’m having hot flashes, I’m crampy, I get a little nauseated from time to time, and I’m really tired.

And a week after I had my period in May, E patted my stomach and said “E***’s baby brudda”. I hadn’t even ovulated yet. It’s just freaky.