July 9, 2013


Posted in Uncategorized at 12:07 pm by Erin

My appointment was very routine, just bloodwork and an exam. My u/s will be on Friday because we couldn’t wait around 5 hours for them to fit me in today. (A friend was watching the kids and J has to work later, so I would have had to take them with me. Clearly THAT’S not going to happen.) The midwife did an internal exam and said “Yes, your uterus is enlarged. There’s a bean in there.” Thanks, that doesn’t really reassure me. I want to know if said “bean” is alive and developing on target! She felt it would be too early to hear the heartbeat with the doppler and didn’t want to make me worry more if she couldn’t hear it, which I suspected would be the case but I was still hoping.

I slept fine last night but woke up in a panic this morning. It was disconcerting—the pounding heart, the shortness of breath, the shaking. I was so scared. I’d mostly calmed down by the time we actually got there and my pulse and BP were pretty much normal. I’m trying so hard to stay calm but there are too many years of IF history for me to be truly laid-back about this.


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  1. electriclady said,

    Erin!!!! I haven’t read blogs in forever and then I logged into Feedly and saw you had new posts and wondered, Huh, Erin hasn’t blogged in forever, wonder what’s up? AND THIS!!! I’m so excited for you. NBHH!

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